Step up Your Back-To-School Style With These Outfit Ideas

I can’t believe fall is starting already. It seems like summer just flew by this year. But as quickly as the heat came, that sizzling summer season left us. Now with the change of the leaves comes the cool crisp climate of fall. And with that awesome autumnal season comes the one thing every red-blooded American child dreads. Can you guess what it is? That’s right. It’s the start of a new school year. No matter how old you are, even if you’re in the sixth year of your doctorate. You’re nervous for that first day. There’s so much whirr and vivre going on. It’s hard to stay grounded. Especially for my younger readers. My advice to you while you’re reading this is just to know. You are not alone. Everyone feels awkward, nervous, or like they’re not cool sometimes. It’s normal. Just be yourself, and let that special you shine through! And if you need a little extra help shining this school year. Why don’t you take a look at this impressive guide, I’ve compiled for all the latest in back-to-school style!

Y2K (2)

As we all know, fashion primarily works in styles. Keen observers will note that the last ten years in fashion, have been utterly dominated by the return of the 90s. Well, now that the 2020s are in full swing, time’s pensive pendulum has begun to swing. And like the wheel of time, fashion’s retro obsession begins to spin. This time honing in on the early 2000s. That’s right! Y2K is back and better than ever! For my younger readers, who may not be aware of the finer points of the 2002 style. Let me elaborate. When dressing like you’re from the early aughts. You want to focus on one main thing. You want a bottom-heavy outfit. Now, what do I mean by that? A bottom-heavy outfit is when one wears an outfit that seems to highlight their pants and shoes over, say their shirt. What this looks like in practice is quite simple. Wear baggier pants. The bigger the better. I suggest trying a size up because you want a silhouette that pools around your shoes. For the shirt, you can pretty much do anything but keep it tight. A nice tank top is always good, or a light long sleeve. This is a look that works great with a large number of shoes, but if you’re looking for a little guidance. Try this. First look for a shoe with a little bit of height to it. Next look for something with a wider toe box, like a tennis shoe. One that your pants can pool around easier. For these kinds of outfits, the interplay between your shoes and your pants matters. If you have a specific pair of pants in mind already for this outfit. My suggestion is to wear them while you’re shoe shopping. That way you can tailor your choice to your pants! Remember in the world of fashion, the small details are what count!

Ahead of The Curve

Now, say maybe you’re not interested in the early 2000s. Maybe it’s your feeling that that look is already played out. After all, people have been wearing those big pants for a couple of years now, and you’re looking for something even newer. Well my friend you’ve got a keen eye, and if you follow that instinct it will take you far in life! You see you’re right, fashion is inherently about looking for what’s new. It’s about looking to be bold and daring, but with a twist of familiarity. That’s why I suggest casting our glance a little ahead of 2002, to the saccharine and halcyon days of 2006. Gone were the big pants, now we’ve come to variations on the uniform and formal wear. What does that mean for you? Well, I’m so glad you asked! For some, it could be pairing something as simple as a dress shirt and these amazing leggings for tweens! For others, it could be a sweater vest and a t-shirt and jeans. What I’m finding to be the common denominator in all of these looks are the collision of the street and formal wear. The conversation between these two worlds has played out in your outfits. To my mind, it’s evocative of the tension of the times we live in but spelled out through the canvas of the outfit. If you’re looking to turn some heads this school year, wearing something like this is a great way to do it!

Growing up is tough. And one of the days that illustrates that fact most is the first day back to school. The day you arrive back on campus, everyone looks you up and down. Sizing you up. Judging you, and how you’ve changed over the break. Under this lens, it’s easy to see why school can be so overwhelming for some kids. But just remember. It’s ok to be scared, you can do this. You’re smart, you’re funny, and now you’re the best dressed in your whole grade! You’ve got nothing to worry about!