Remembering the Style of Princess Diana

Princess Diana was admired as the “People’s Princess,” as she was famous for her humanitarian work and for showing great compassion for people. She wasn’t afraid to step out of the palace and talk to the people regardless of their status in life. She is a princess devoted to all the causes she supported, showing her sincere concerns for those afflicted with illnesses such as leprosy, HIV/AIDS, as well as those who experienced poverty.

But besides her kindness and sincere heart for the people, Princess Diana was also known for being a fashion icon. She was known for being quiet to the press, who nicknamed her “Shy Di,” but it seems like she’s never really shy due to her bold sartorial choices. There were only a few footage that exists where the Princess was actually speaking, but she was always spot-on with the different clothes that she wore. Most people had a sense of what they think she was life comes from photographs of her and her statement-making fashion.

Princess Diana was a true fashion royalty that revealed her grace and elegance. Here are some of her chic and memorable fashion choices:

Long train + big sleeves

Princess Diana set a wedding dress trend after her wedding with Charles, Prince of Wales. On 1981, the 20-year-old Diana Spencer walked down the aisle of St. Paul’s cathedral wearing an off-white wedding gown made of ivory silk taffeta and antique lace, voluminous puff sleeves and a 25-foot train. The design and details of her wedding dress remained a complete mystery until hours before the wedding. It was one of the most famous dresses in the world that still makes rings true until today, as Time magazine chose it as the “Most Influential British Royal Wedding Dresses of All Time” in 2018.

Long gowns

Princess Diana knows how to grace a gala event, a red carpet event or an awards show. She wore a variety of long gowns that was listed as some of the most fashionable pieces ever made. Sequined gowns, body-hugging gowns, tube-top gowns, asymmetrical gowns, halter gowns – she wore it all. And she wore it with pizzazz, dignity and poise.


Since she is a British royalty, hats are a common accessory. But when Princess Diana wears it, it looks spot-on. She usually matches the color of her hat to her dress or her shoes. When she wears a green dress, she wears a green hat. When she wears a pink suit, she wore a pink pillbox hat. When she wore a white and blue suit, she matched it with a white and blue turban hat. She was matchy-matchy just like that.

Power blazers

Princess Diana’s diplomatic attire usually consists of a blazer and skirt combo that is both professional and stylish. She’s always complete with a matching hat or a clutch bag, or both.


When she’s not in princess duties, she was seen in her early days wearing comfy overalls. She often wore this when playing with her kids, Prince Harry and William, or when supporting her husband during his polo matches. She had a penchant for overalls and pairs it with flats or loafers.

Mom jeans

Before the term “mom jeans” was even born, Princess Diana was already donning it. Perhaps denim designers of today’s time has a Princess Diana mood board, since they are totally digging her style. Mom jeans are dominating stores and runways right now. She would often wear a pair of high-wasited denim jeans on an off-duty day with her sons. She wears it with flats, boots or sneakers.

Oversized blazers + jeans

Traditionally, blazers are worn with trousers and skirts, and are often worn as a business attire. But Princess Diana taught us a new way to wear blazers: pair it with jeans. This created a casual, but not-too-casual ensemble so you can remain stylish even when wearing basic jeans and tees or shirt. There was a time when she wore a dark denim mom jeans and paired it with white shirt, and styled it with an oversized blazer, a tie and a belt. She was also seen wearing high-waisted denim with oversized blazers, white tees and boots. One time, she was also seen wearing light blue jeans with a double-breasted blazer and a pair of Superga sneakers. It’s the style that celebrities and Instagram influencers now would wear, right?

The ultimate LBD

Little black dresses are a fashion staple for every woman, and Princess Diana proved it. Perhaps her most iconic outfit ever was her “revenge dress.” On the night that Prince Charles publicly confessed on television that he was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles (who is now the Duchess of Cornwall), Princess Diana strolled into the Serpentine Gallery benefit wearing a figure-hugging, off-shoulder, black silk dress. It was designed by Greek designer Christina Stambolian. The next day, every front page of the newspapers wasn’t devoted to the Prince’s controversial confession but to the images of the confident, glowing and beautiful Diana.