Red Flags To Look For In Any Relationship You Have

Love makes you see the world through rose-tinted glasses. It makes you blind to faults both small and big. It’s easy to overlook red flags in your partner when you’re at the stage where you expect to compromise in small ways and are trying to figure out personality quirks you have to adjust to. Not everything that annoys you is a red flag, and not everything that you dislike is reason to break up. Those rose-tinted glasses, though, can influence you to accept things you shouldn’t at all.

They Are Very Invasive

When you first get into a relationship, you want to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend all the time. You want to text them and call them and go on dates. You want them to meet all your friends and you want to meet all their friends. When the initial rush is over, if your partner is still clinging to you, asking where you are all the time, and asking to know who you are with – RED FLAG!

Beware that this person might eventually try and control where you can or cannot go and figure out who can or cannot meet you. This will lead you to be isolated from people who can help you and make you dependent on someone whose intentions are clearly not right for you.

They Do Not Like You Having Friends

If your partner is instigating you against your friends and family, it is a bigger red flag than the ones that flew in communist Russia! A lot of predators use this technique to make their victims feel alone and stranded. They will slowly instigate you into fighting with everyone until they are the only ones left in your life.

They will eventually make you dependent on them, and increase feelings of isolation in you. Predators like this make their victims vulnerable like this so that they are less likely to get out of the often abusive relationship. Their victims are also less likely to seek help from law enforcement should the police show up.

They Push You Even When You Ask To Stop

This isn’t limited to the bedroom. Are you especially ticklish and find it uncomfortable? If your partner keeps tickling you even when you say you’re uncomfortable or finds some other excuse to touch you when you’ve asked to stop, it is a red flag you shouldn’t ignore.

This is a soft way to check how you respond to your boundaries being pushed a little. This gentle pushing will inevitably lead to more disrespect of your boundaries as time goes on. You might end up doing things you don’t want to, going to places you don’t like, and having experiences that you hate. Nip it in the bud at the first sign of it and get out now!

They have Different Standard For You And Them

This is not only when a boyfriend expects differently from his girlfriend, but also vice versa. No one partner should be allowed to do, say, or behave differently than the other. If it is okay for one partner to not communicate where they’re going when they go out, it should apply to the other partner as well.

If your partner decides you can’t have friends of the opposite sex, but it’s okay for them – get out! Don’t accept “But it’s different for a guy/girl” as an excuse. Your partner does not view you as an equal, and inequality cannot be the foundation of a healthy relationship.

All Their Exes Are Crazy

A lot of people talk about their exes in a negative light. But if every single one of their exes has done something that’s unusual, weird, or crazy, that’s a huge red flag. You could reach out to their exes to hear their side of the story. If you can’t, you could talk to a psychic to see what happened in the past, and whether your partner is being entirely truthful or not. Here’s a comparison on Cleve Scene add yourself according to help you find the best online psychic website where you can ask for some advice. A reputable website should be able to offer a selection of professionals along with reviews for them left by a variety of clients. If you’re not sure of where to search, there are some reviews here to start you off.

Remember that while it very well may be true that all of your partner’s exes are crazy, the only common link between them is your partner. Once you get the unheard side of the story, you’ll be able to connect the dots yourself!