Pink, pink, pink! This can be an anthem of every soft girl on TikTok

The style represents cuteness in every possible form, basic colors are pastel and gentle, outfits are made of comfort and warmth. These girls tend to be very sensitive, innocent, adorable and even childish.
The classic outfit of a soft girl consists of oversized pale pink t-shirts, pretty tennis skirt or high-waisted light jeans and crystal white sneakers combined with monochrome or colorful socks or stockings. If you are always cold, add some fluffy huge cardigan or jacket to look even softer.

The key features of the soft aesthetic items are comfortable, pastel, feminine and cute. Makeup wise you can stay simple and natural or add some glitter and dramatic eyeliner and rock it – everything is good.
To look more interesting you can play around with mixing different patterns and colors, go ahead and create your own unique variation of a soft girl  outfit. Dresses, overalls, blouses, badges, teddy bears – the possibilities are endless!

Just remember the rules. You can never go wrong with pale pink and other pastels. Use as many cute accessories as you want. If clothes look and feel soft – you’re in the right direction. But first of all don’t forget to have fun!