Natural Remedies for Dog Ringworms

Skin infections are a common health problem in dogs of all breeds. Their treatment can be quite frustrating because you cannot explain to the animal that they are sick and need to be treated. One of the most common problems is an infection known as ringworms (these are not parasites, but fungi). These conditions most often require the use of topical medications.

The problem arises when your pet starts to lick itchy patches on the body. They will feel short-term relief, but that only makes things worse. Hair has fallen out in those painful spots, so they are susceptible to the multiplication of other microorganisms. Parasites on an open wound can worsen the symptoms of the disease. Get rid of them with the use of natural remedies.

Organic and Essential Oils

The healing properties of the essential oils have been known since ancient times. Depending on what these essences are made of, they have numerous health benefits. In the case of ringworms, inflammatory processes on the skin can cause itching, irritation, and lesions. 

You’ll need oils with antiseptic and antifungal effects, such as geranium or palmarosa oils, to treat a superficial infection in your pooch. Apply essential oils to the painful spot, but you have to dilute them before application. 

You can use geranium and palmarosa together or each separately. It is necessary to mix them in some of the carrier bases, such as olive or almond oil. The ratio is two drops of essence per half an ounce of carrier. This way, you will safely apply the required amount of the remedy without irritating the painful spot on the dog’s body.

CBD Oil Application

Cannabidiol oil is not an essential but organic oil. Its numerous benefits are known for decades, and it has been ruling the pet-care market for several years. In the case of ringworms, this product can help your pet in several ways.

Cannabis-based oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply it topically or orally. If CBD oil is applied directly to the skin, you also have to dilute it with carrier oils. Mix it with a carrier, as explained above.

You can also give it to your dog orally whenever they feel upset. This skin condition can cause a lot of discomfort and stress in your pup. The soothing action of cannabidiol will calm the animal and bring it relief. In case you don’t have CBD oil for pets, you can use products intended for human use but adhere to the tips from this link.

However, try not to use CBD oil exclusively. Although very potent and safe for use, it does not help with treating the cause of the infection. As it’s labeled as a supplement, CBD oil only helps with relieving symptoms.

Apple Cider Relieve Itchiness

Apple Cider Relieve Itchiness

Apple cider vinegar is one of those things everyone has in their homes. Still, you are probably not aware of its beneficial effects on health. In the case of ringworms, you can turn this vinegar into a beneficial bath, and help your four-legged friend stop scratching and irritating wounds.

Tips on how to stop your pup scratching wounds find below:

Always use this product diluted with water in a ratio of 50:50. You can apply this solution to the patch with a cotton ball or swab. If that bothers your pup, use another method. Bathe the dog as you usual. Use a special shampoo that is mild and does not irritate the skin further.

For rinsing, dilute one-quarter of apple cider vinegar with three-quarters of warm water, and wash off the foam of the dog. This solution will remove dead skin cells, which are the food for ringworm fungi. Without food, these parasites will die. Also, diluted apple cider vinegar will make your pet’s hair shinier and softer.

It’s challenging to prevent your pet from sniffing and licking the infected area. You can help your furry buddy by relieving symptoms such as pain and itching. Do that by applying some of the natural remedies. These are non-toxic, as most of them are on a herbal basis. Even if your pup licks wounds, that will be harmless. Of course, regular therapy with antifungal and anti-inflammatory drugs is also necessary.