Most memorable dresses from James Bond movies

Okay, while some of James Bond movies might not be as good as others are, overall it’s classic. There are certain things that make James Bond movies so special. First of all, James Bond himself, he is classy, elegant, always well-dressed, smart and wittier than anyone else in the movie. This is why the character of Bond made women crazy all over again. Apart from this marvelous gentleman, there are things help Bond movies get your heart over and over again. The drama, which is intensified with the music, villains planning to get James Bond each time, the plot and of course James Bond girls. The most popular, beautiful and desired women that were admired by the people watching the movie all around the world. Think of the most common scenes you can see in almost every bond movie, such as James bond playing

casino games in a fancy casino with a girl dressed in a way that later became iconic. We love James Bond for such moments. But leave James aside, today we are going to talk about Bond girls and their iconic clothes that affected Fashion and styles of many women.

Dr. No Chinese Silk dress 

Truly an iconic dress from the James Bond 1962 movie Dr. No. The dress was worn by Zena Marshall, British actress playing the character of Miss Taro, a double agent. The oriental Chinese dress blue dress with floral-prints deserve the attention of many fashion lovers back that. Thinking about how popular oriental dresses are today after almost 60 years we can say that the look remains to be iconic till today.

Diamonds Are Forever 

That’s what we are thinking of when we talk about casino scenes in James Bond movies. The classical shape of an evening gown dress with a feminine and rich color, cleavage, and a gold necklace. Lana Wood in “diamonds are forever” with this dress,  Sean Connery by his side and the determination to win in Casino makes the scene breathtaking.

The Spy who loved me 

No fashion list is fulfilled without mentioning a black dress with a classic silhouette. Barbara Bach wearing a black prom dress in 1977 James Bond movie “The spy who loved me” is really iconic. We do call it a prom dress but look at the resembling dresses on the red carpet and you will understand why this dress is so iconic.

A view to kill 

May Day the character from the Bond Movie A Way to Kill is an absolute fashion icon. The character played by Grace Jones is a very distinctive Bond girl. Her dresses, especially the ox-blood dark red colored dress has been repeated a lot on the catwalks of the fashion shows, making it an absolute fashion icon.