Interesting Facts about Jordan Shoes

What Makes Jordan So Special?


Apart from his achievements on the court and performance on the big screen, he is famous for his alliance with Nike’s Franchise. Air Jordan is one of the world’s most flourishing shoe lines, which has even inspired the production of multiple lines of matching apparel, such as matching jordan tees. It is an American brand of basketball sneakers, sporty and casual wear shoes. This became a tradition that transformed the sports and fashion industry. 

Air Jordan was launched in 1984 when Michael Jordan affiliated himself with Nike. In the first four years, they predicted to earn US$3 million. But luckily, Air Jordan, in the first year, ranked at US$126 million. Air Jordan has been a trademark in the world of the sneaker industry since its inauguration in 1985. It is a brand that produces technically advanced, artistically designed, high quality, and most satisfying shoes.

Let’s check out some interesting facts about Jordan shoes that set them distinct from the rest:

The Highest Selling Shoes

Air Jordan holds the record for the most high-priced pair of sneakers ever sold. In 2020, a pair of original Air Jordan, which was worn and signed by Michael Jordan himself, was auctioned. The record-breaking final hammer price expanded to $560,000.

The Archetypal Logo Came Later

You can easily recognize the Air Jordan’s logo if you have ever tied up a pair of basketball shoes. The outline of the NBA’s star rising in the air is synonymous with his shoes. 

Anyways, this was not the logo of Air Jordan in the beginning. The first version presented the Nike swoosh, while the second featured plain walls. Finally, in the third edition, the sign “Jumpman” was added to the sides of the shoe.

The NBA Banned the First Air Jordan

At the time of its debut in 1985, the National Basketball Association (NBA) designed a very precise policy. Due to which the red and black Air sneakers, the prototype of Air Jordan I, did not go with the approved specifications. 

Yet Michael Jordan entered the court with the same shoes on October 18. Due to this, he wasn’t only fined $5,000 but also the sneakers were banned by then NBA commissioner David Stern for having very little white on them.

However, this debate ended up as a great marketing strategy for Nike, and they used it pretty well.

Shoe’s Name was coined by MJ’s Agent

In the beginning, Michael Jordan did not want to collaborate with Nike. MJ was all set to pair up with Adidas being a die heart fan of the brand. It was David Falk, Michael’s agent, who we should be grateful for reaching out to his family to convince the basketball celebrity to deal with Nike. He suggested the name “Air Jordan.” 

Today, this word is the perfect blend of Nike’s technology and MJ’s brand name.

Cars Were a Part of Story from the Beginning

Michael Jordan has always been an automobile addict. His love for cars served as the motivation to design numerous installments of Air Jordan, such as Air Jordan XIV. 

While setting up his deal with Nike in 1984, the young basketball star asked for a car as a part of their original contract. Successfully, following a long discussion, the agreement was accepted, and MJ got his car. Since then, he has gathered a significant collection.

The Air Jordan X was an Unsatisfactory Design to Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was not satisfied with the Jordan X design because he was not asked about the shoe outline. Tinker Hatfield was asked by MJ to change the design as he didn’t like it. Because of the outline across the toe, a leather strip was then added to the model.

The First Basketball Shoe with 3M was the Air Jordan V

The Air Jordan V was the first-ever sneakers with 3M material used in basketball. MJ was satisfied with the rock-star-like appearance of the sneakers when Tinker Hatfield made them look loud and showy under the spotlight.

Air Jordan XX9, World’s Lightest Basketball Shoe

Air Jordan XX9 is the world’s first woven basketball shoe, launched in 2014. Its top has been fashioned using special weaving machines that provided flexibility and firmness, allowing for a customized fit. XX9 is 8% lighter than its prototypes, making it the most lightweight version of Air Jordan ever. 

The ‘Jumpman’ logo first appeared on Air Jordan III

After the first appearance of the “Jumpman” logo on Air Jordan III in 1988, it has become one of the most iconic sporty stamps and has been promoted on all sneakers. The logo represents the shadow of Michael jumping in the air with his legs straightened. This logo was inspired by the actual snap of MJ that first emerged in advertisements and costumes for Air Jordan I in 1985. 


All the facts mentioned above are just a few. Keep these in mind if you are looking forward to buying a pair. Air Jordan goes way back in history than any other shoe in this world. It is probably the only sneakers to be regularly in the limelight and so in high demand.