Importance of Sleeping an Average of Eight Hours

To function effectively during the day, you need to have at least eight hours of sleep. According to research, humans are the only mammals that get less sleep in their life. With a population full of short sleepers who need less than six hours of sleep to function. This may influence others to do the same while it obviously does not work for them. Sleep is important to avoid any significant changes to your body and health in general. When you have your beauty rest you will be able to experience a boost in your immune system, retain memory, control your hunger levels, and lower chances of risky health conditions.

Increase life span

For you to live long, you need to factor in an average of eight hours of sleep. If you sleep less than five hours consistently research shows that you are at risk of premature death. Apart from this, those who sleep more than the average hours are at a higher risk of premature death. Hence having an average of at least seven or eight hours of sleep is very important to be able to live long.

Lower risk of diseases

Depending on your sleep pattern, especially if it is an unhealthy one. You may be at risk of suffering from some chronic health conditions since your body is responding to what it’s lacking in healthy beautyrest. Obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions are some of the common conditions. If you are able to have a healthy meal and a constant work regime, you should treat sleep in a similar way and have a good sleep pattern of an average of eight hours. Even so, you cannot be consistent following such a routine and you might miss some hours at times. Avoid some of the issues that may affect this if possible, for instance, carrying work home, stress among others.

Improve your memory

A lot of people in this day and age are sleeping less in pursuit of working hard, meeting their targets, or just because they have a condition like sleep apnea. It is important to improve and retain your memory by sleeping an average of eight hours. For instance, those students who sleep after learning in school, according to research have better memory retention of what they have learned. In every new day, there is a new memory to be stored in the brain. Therefore, lack of sleep will affect the memory retention of it and interpret a day’s events unlike the original.   Weary neurons due to lack of sleep cause your brain to have weak judgment, forget previous information and if the case is extremely severe you may lose memory. Get all the eight hours of sleep and you will be able to undergo all sleep stages successfully.

Help regulate appetite

Sleeping for eight hours is crucial to help the brain signal the body effectively for various body functions. Some of these are your hunger levels. Most times a poor sleeping pattern causes you to eat more since the body desires more energy from the lack of it. Hence, you find yourself snacking or having full meals at the wrong time, leading to unhealthy conditions such as obesity. Due to the less movement of the body at night, there are fewer calories needed for the body to function through the night. Hence when your sleep deprived you’re not only. Exhausted, but also your brain will signal that you’re hungry, leading to eating more and then weight gain. In addition, such a poor sleep pattern will lead to no exercise too.  However, your RMR or resting metabolic rate is something that tells you about the least amount of energy that your body consume even if you do zero activity or sleeping. You can use a advanced RMR calculator and get an idea about your resting metabolic rate.

Enrich your immune system

The body has a type of protein called cytokines that regulate and mediate inflammation and immunity. The cytokine proteins are released when you sleep. consequently, when you lack adequate sleep your body produces fewer cytokines that will not be able to shun off infections when you are sick. The cytokines help a lot with the development of tissue, maintenance, and repair and also stimulates the production of blood cells. Conditions such as asthma and allergies are provoked by increased sleep restrictions since the inflammatory compounds are inflated in the body.

Fix up Men’s fertility

Fertility has always been a women’s issue. However, most men have no idea they suffer from fertility issues or just suffer in silence. Surprisingly, it has been found out that men who sleep less than five hours have an old man’s testosterone level. This explains why their sperm quality is not up to standard for their active age, hence it hinders chances of successfully conceiving a child. By improving sleep quality, a man’s fertility will be boosted and reduces many health risk conditions that may be triggered by lack of sleep.

Say no to depression

8 hours a night. That’s all you need to prevent mental issues such as depression. The sleep disorders are usually triggered by less sleeping hours which led to poor quality sleep. According to research, at least 95% of people who suffer from depression make a fuss about the quality of sleep they get. The longer the time it takes to treat depression it will lead to death by suicide and the initial cause was insufficient quality sleep. Sleep apnea which is a sleeping disorder is known to have led to increased rates of depression. Defeat depression by ensuring you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night.

In conclusion, sleeping alone is not of any benefit if it is not adequate. The under-eye circles may also not be the only signs that you are getting poor sleep. Your weight, health, mind is some of the most crucial signs that will show off your poor sleep pattern. Being able to finish all the six sleep cycles in one night will improve your grades in school due to your energy boost and increase productivity at your work. Thence sleeping an average of eight hours may be too much or too little to others depending on their needs and ages but eight hours work for most of them.