How to Measure Your Size to Buy Fit Leggings Online

One of the primary concerns of buying clothes online is whether or not they would fit. This problem extends to formals, leggings and sportswear as well. They may look good on the models (who all have perfect bodies), but what about when you receive the order and try it on?

If it’s your first time buying activewear tights online, you surely have some questions swirling in your head. For instance, if you’re a size 12, what size would you choose? How long are the hems? Is the fabric see-through? It would be embarrassing if you’re wearing it around and you don’t know how revealing it is.

As you know, because of the comfort they offer, leggings have become an everyday staple. Women wear it almost wherever they go—from the grocery store, running errands, paying bills, walking the dog, or picking up the kids from school. Today, it’s not as surprising to see women wearing leggings to the office on casual days.

The industry has definitely benefited from this trend. According to data, the active wear industryfor women was worth $119 billion in 2017. By 2025, the segment would already be worth $216 billion on the compound annual growth rate of 7.7%.

How to Measure?

 If you have a pair of leggings at home, you can use them as a base for your measurements. For one, you can see the sizes on the label. However, for higher accuracy, you should take a measuring tape with you.

Lay the active wear tights flat on the bed or the floor. Make sure they are not stretched and wrinkled. With the waist and hips, you would encounter little problem since they are usually specified on the label.

What you want to measure is the length of the leggings, the outer leg, and the inner leg. Typically, you will see the sizing chart represented in inches and centimetres, so better jot down both measurements to be safe.

You should also consider that the fabric is exceptionally stretchy. Some fibres can even stretch as much as 10 centimetres.

Finally, you should also measure the rise, which refers to the zone where your crotch and the belly meet. You do not want it to be too snug because it would result in the dreaded camel toe. A rise that is too loose does not look good either.

For women on the plus-size side, particularly on their bums or stomachs, you need a rise higher than six inches. You can opt for a lower rise if you have a flat belly, even if you have wide hips.

However, what if you’re in between sizes? If you’re caught in this situation, you better go one size higher rather than go down.

If you’re in-between sizes, you may take a few hits. Your initial purchases may be trial and error. It may also be true for some women ordering online for the first time.

The good thing is that once you find the right fit, you can enjoy the convenience of shopping at home. You do not have to go to the shopping mall to buy your favourite leggings. You can choose different patterns and designs online, and be confident that they would complement your curves when you wear them.

Author:  Jessica Ellen