How to Identify Original Silver Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the things that most people are so interested in; be it as a gift or for personal use. There are several different choices and beautiful pieces that people can make their choice from.

People who like shopping for silver jewelry need to know the importance and different aspects of it. You can buy the unique collection of silver rings via, all pieces drawn in silver and etched with time. This article seeks to provide a guide on things to look out for when buying silver jewelry.

This article seeks to provide a guide on things to look out for when buying silver jewelry.

Evaluate How It Feels

Before buying any silver jewelry, it is important to run your fingers through the piece of jewelry. Original silver jewelry needs to feel slightly cold when touched and warmed up when the metal is being pressed continuously. Jewelry suppliers usually provide the best jewelry depending on the price of the buyer.

Original silver jewelry should also feel solid in the hands with an average weight, unlike fake silver which is always smooth to touch and always light. This is usually an indication that the inside of the jewelry is always deep.

Test for Color

Whenever fake silver is exposed to heat and other chemicals, the color slightly changes and turns to a bright copper-like color with a touch of green and orange. This simply means the based metal was exposed showing that the silver barely covered the top layer of the jewelry.

When the silver jewelry is original, and exposure to air or any other harsh chemical will cause the ring to become rather black and no other color. It is essential to note that silver does not get rust.

If silver jewelry becomes black as a result of its exposure to air or other chemicals, it needs just simple polish to restore its initial color and make it look brand new.

Taking care and styling your jewelry

Jewelry is beautiful accessories that can be added to any outfit. Even the regular jean and t-shirt can look classy when matched with befitting jewelry. A jewelry supplier usually knows the best jewelry that works well for any outfit because it brings out the beauty in any outfit giving them this unique look.

Just like a colorful choker necklace can brighten up any look, so can a nicely breaded ankle bracelet or plus size sterling silver bangles enhance one’s look as well for those who love them. Just having this mix match can come out with something really beautiful.

Make sure to frequently polish the silver jewelry. With time, it will start to collect dirt, oil, and dust which may affect its overall look. This can make the jewelry appear worn and old but this can be easily fixed. Simply make use of polish to make them look brand new again.


When trying to buy any jewelry and in doubt of its originality, always demand to see the return policy of the jeweler. It is important to purchase any piece of jewelry with confidence knowing it can always be returned for renewal, replacement and if possible, a refund should in case anything happens.

Just untainted silver rings can be resized meanwhile fake silver jewelry always leaves bulky blotches when they are exposed to heat which is easy to noticed and cannot be covered with coating and silver-plating.