How to Choose a Wrap Dress

Whether you’re a mother, daughter, or sister, chances are you have at least one in your family that loves wearing wrap dresses. A wrap dress is perfect for any occasion where you want to look sophisticated but also want to feel comfortable at the same time. The right wrap dress will make you look and feel thicker by creating curves where there were once none and reducing the appearance of a large midsection. Wrap dresses can be casual or formal, making them versatile enough to wear in any situation. Furthermore, they come in various lengths ranging from ankle-length to floor-length hemlines giving you options no matter what the event may be.

First things first: a wrap dress is not the same thing as a knitted maxi dress. In fact, it’s much more versatile. That’s why this guide will tell you exactly how to choose the perfect one for you.

Know the body type

Before you buy a wrap dress, figure out what your body type is, but also consider the size of your waist, your bust size, and your hip size. If you are big busted, you should choose one that covers you more on top. If you have a smaller waist, you can use it to emphasize that area more, or if you like low-cut tops. If you have kind of an hourglass figure without a defined waistline, then go for something that will hug ya.

If you are tall and really thin, you might have trouble finding ones with longer sleeves. Are you looking for a funky outfit to wear on your next girls’ night out? Look no further because Ladies Boutique Clothing Online – Johansen has an extensive range of ladies boutique clothing perfect for any occasion.

Comfort level

Many times, what you wear under a wrap dress can have people focusing on the wrong place as well. Careful consideration should be given to what you choose to wear under this dress. While wearing a slip or a bra is always your choice, it’s important to make sure you are comfortable. It’s also important to remember that the head-to-toe look of this dress is all part of the appeal. That means you want to avoid choosing underwear that will peek out or show through under other parts of this garment.


Bejeweling your feet with stilettos or boots is one of the best and easiest ways to get a glamorous look. With this trend, you do not have to go for renowned designers or celebrity endorsements. All you need to get that Hollywood starlet feel is some trendy heels (the bigger, the better), preferably in some funky colors. You can also go for ugg boots to let your feet breathe, to avoid looking like a ballerina.

Your taste

When you talk about evening wear, especially the dress, the first thing that comes to mind is the elegant silk wrap dress. This beautiful garment is suitable for any occasion around the year. The fabric of this dress is such that it remains lightweight even if it has been made with a substantial amount of material. It will flow with your body movements very easily, giving you a completely comfortable feeling all night long.