How to Buy a Gold Chain Necklace

Wearing a necklace is a personal choice. Some people go for chunky and showy pieces, while others choose a simple chain necklace that is good to wear every day, even for special occasions.

But did you know that there are several types of chain necklaces? Most people go to the jewelry store and choose something they fancy. They may like the look of a thin and fine chain, one with looser chain links, or something stronger to hold a pendant or even a ring.

Reputable jewelers advise that you should check if the chain necklace is solid gold, the kind of chain links, and its karat. Here are some of the things to consider:

Hollow, plated or solid gold chain

Your first consideration is the material. You should know if the chain you are buying is hollow, plated, or solid. You should think twice if the price is quite low because the chain may be hollow or plated. Plated gold chains are quite cheap, but after some time, the plating will wear off, and the base metal will show. You’ll need to bring the necklace back to the store for re-plating.

When the chain necklace feels lighter, it may be hollow. They are very cheap, but hollow chains can dent or break easily, and cannot be repaired.

If you want a chain necklace that can withstand daily wear, choose a solid, real gold necklace, which is durable, strong, and keeps it luster for a long time.

Appropriate karat

Although pure gold seems better, you should know that the higher the purity of the gold, the less durable and softer the jewelry is going to be.

If you are planning to wear the gold chain necklace daily, choose a 10Kt or a 14Kt gold chain, as they are harder because the gold is mixed with higher amounts of alloys. Chains of 20Kt or 22Kt gold are easily scratched.

However, you have to check if you are allergic to nickel, as this metal is often used in gold jewelry with lower karat. Instead, choose a gold necklace made of 14Kt or 18Kt gold, which has less nickel. Or, you can inquire if the chain is nickel-free. Reputable chain-makers like Hype Chains may be able to secure what you need. Head on to their website and see your choices.

Type of link

Chain necklaces come in several styles. But some of them can easily break, kink, or twist. Examples are the round snake chain, herringbone chain, and omega chain.

Some of the best types for everyday wear are the rope chain, curb chain, anchor chain, mariner, Figaro, wheat, and box chain. They are flexible and sturdy, strong enough to carry a pendant.

Type of clasp

The chain necklace needs to have a secure clasp that closes correctly. It is preferable to buy a chain with a lobster clasp, which is more solid and not likely to open as easily compared to the spring-loaded ring clasp.

The smoothness of the chain

This is another essential factor because you do not want the chain to catch on your clothes. Run your fingers along the length of the chain to ensure that the surface is smooth. A rough chain can irritate your skin after wearing it for a few hours.

Buy your jewelry from reputable stores, where you can get high-quality chains and other jewelry that come with a warranty.