How to Accessorize Your Dresses Like a Pro

Right accessories can transform any simple dress into a stylish piece. Read on to learn how to accessorize a dress here.

Fashion changes throughout the years so it can feel hard to stay up with trendy. Learning how to accessorize can upgrade your look from budget to billionaire, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you can make even a classy outfit look cheap.

Strategically accessorizing can help you save tons of money by helping you reconstruct even the simplest outfit into something completely different. That way you can wear your favorite outfit even more often without feeling bored with your style.

Learning how to accessorize a dress will help you keep up with what’s trendy while expressing your specific aesthetic. Our staple pieces: the little black dress, white tee, jeans….. Are typically rather plain, think of them as a blank canvas to create with.

Let’s get into the fundamentals of learning how to accessorize any outfit.


Belts are often overlooked, especially if you tend to wear more fitted clothing. However, a belt accentuates the waist while adding texture and color to whatever you’re wearing. It’s easy to make a laid-back outfit look thought-out and put together, simply by adding a belt!

Pairing a belt with an oversized garment like a sweater, or t-shirt, you create a trendy and creative look by combining formal accents with a casual feel. You can pair this same belt with some simple jeans, to add texture to an otherwise boring outfit!

Investing in a staple accessory, such as a designer belt may seem expensive but it will pay for itself when you can pair it with any basic outfit, over time.

Unique Bags

Bags are an easy way to create any look you’re in the mood for! Depending on the bag you can either dress up a simple outfit or make a formal piece feel cooler and comfortable. Bags are creative and are an easy way to express however you’re feeling.

Pairing a bag with some structure like a vintage wicker piece, or a camera box bag will make any outfit feel instantly more dressed up.

It’s easy to pick a tote bag you can just toss your things into for convenience, but pairing a sleek and simple bag can make any look feel expensive.

However, there’s a bag for every look. Pairing texture and color is an easy way to create a cool, trendy look! If you’re going for a more creative look try reaching for a clutch. Clutch bags are an easy way to add an interesting layer to your outfit without breaking the budget.


Discovering how to accessorize a dress is best done through trial and error, but layering simple jewelry is a fool-proofed way of taking a simple outfit to a black-tie event. You can layer dainty pieces with more complex pieces to create an expensive look.

Layering a simple pair of hoops with a classy pair of studs (if you have second hole ear piercing) creates an eye-catching look by combining the contrasting structures. You can create a similar look by layering a few simple and dainty rings, and necklaces as well.

By keeping the majority of your jewelry delicate and minimalist, you will create a focus on your more complicated pieces without looking flashy.

Pins and Patches

Pins and patches will add a bit of personal flair to whatever you put them on. It’s an easy way to customize any simple piece, making it look cool and extravagant.

One of the great things about custom patches is that they can be used to reflect your personality or interests. 4incustompatch offers a wide selection of designs and colors, so you can find the perfect patch for you. In addition, 4incustompatch also offers personalization options, so you can add your name or initials to your patch.

Doing this can easily create an eye-catching look while attracting potential friends with similar interests. It’s easy to start a conversation with a stranger when you blatantly see a common interest you both share via their outfit!

You can learn about voting buttons, gender pronouns, new creative endeavors, cool artists, etc. Through buttons, patches, and enamel pins all while teaching the world about the things you love through your style.

Statement Shoes 

Some people argue that shoes are the most important part of any outfit. Invest in shoes that make a statement to pair with basic outfits. Statement shoes should make any outfit pop!

Whether that be through contrast, color, texture, or all three, shoes can transform a simple outfit into a look.

Pairing a shoe with texture, like suede sandals, with a simple outfit will make it instantly look classy. While pairing a shoe with a contrasting color can make the same outfit look trendy and cool.

Small changes in your wardrobe will keep your aesthetic fresh without breaking the budget. You can easily switch up your look by pairing sneakers with an outfit you might usually wear heels with and vice versa.

How to Accessorize a Dress to Fit Your Style 

The best way to learn how to accessorize a dress is through trial and error. You can’t figure out what you do like until you know what you don’t like. Sticking to these simple tips will help you look your best until you develop your own personal style!

The trends right now pair simple things with extravagant pieces to create a complex and contrasting look but pairing delicate and dainty things together is a quick way to turn a simple outfit into a classy ensemble.

When looking for accessories, look for texture, color, and quality. Investing in accessories that you can pair with any outfit will keep you from breaking the budget. You can layer your favorite accessories or intertwine them sporadically.

Whatever style you develop should make you feel fun, sexy, and good about yourself! Accessories should accentuate who you are, they are a way to express yourself to the world around you.

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