How Long do Trends Last?

Every year we are told that this or that type of item will be trendy in fashion circles. But, do trends really last just a couple of seasons, or perhaps a year? Its a good question and one that has been analysed by those inside the fashion industry for good reason so whats the answer? To be absolutely honest, the answer is that a trend can last a season, a year or many years depending entirely up want inspires that trend! Lets have a look in more detail at what makes a trend happen.

Why Trends Last

Its a simple fact that the fashion industry is always looking for the new, something that will take the world by storm and that will sell in great numbers. Trends come about when someone launches a new design of garment or accessory that somehow hits the mark being worn by a celebrity, perhaps by product placement in a film or TV program, or simply by being the right thing at the right time. But, how long will a new, novelty item remain trendy?

In the 21st century we also have the power of the internet and especially social media to deal with. The fashion world is very much on it when it comes to using social media channels to get a point across, and you’ll find many ‘beauty influencers’ being backed by fashion houses. However, once again, how long will such novel trends remain in place? Heres a clue as to how long trends last: look in your closet, and pick out a pair of jeans. Now, how long have you had a pair of jeans not just that pair in your closet? The answer is going to seem like a lifetime, because this is an example of a fashion trend that lasts for many, many years. Jeans will always be in trend, no matter how they are worn.

Who Creates a Trend?

A trend starts with a new and hotly tipped item on the catwalk. Then it spawns imitations, and before long it will be replicated and mass-produced. How long that trend continues depends entirely upon the consumer, who will either keep wearing and buying, or move onto the next new fashion trend. Of course, some styles are simply timeless and remain in fashion we chose the range from Loro Piana as an example of a brand concentrating on stylish and always trendy designs that will never age and they are the ones that stay in your collection for the longest time.

Who Creates a Trend

Have we answered the question how long do trends last? Not definitely, but if we ignore the one-off items that take the market by storm and vanish after a year, we can probably say that a fashion trend will last along with the generation that made it fashionable to begin with. So, for your favourite garments those that you have owned seemingly for ever you have at least 20 years of trendiness to exploit, so what are you waiting for!