Here’s some Ring-spiration for your upcoming Engagement

With so many celebrities getting hitched since last year and showing off their gigantic stones, it is no surprise that we also want to rock our ring game. Engagement rings are memorable, meaningful, and hold a special place in every girl’s heart.

As we know that nothing will stop people from getting engaged or married, not even the pandemic, its time that you start looking around for inspiration if you’re going to pop the question anytime soon. We understand that it’s often difficult to get the exact ring that your partner dreamed of, but with the following ring-spiration trends this year, we are confident that your soulmate will fall for one of these:

1. Eternity band rings

Nothing sounds better than the words “I’ll love you for eternity” from the love of your life. Even though the idea is kind of far-fetched for reality, you can still symbolize it in the form of a spectacular eternity band ring.

An eternity band is slightly different from a traditional wedding band as it typically has several small diamonds around the band instead of a single centerpiece. Wearing multiple bands or eternity bands on the same finger is a hot trend this year.

You can go for the likes of the Grande promise band from KATKIM or a little more out of the box with White Gold & diamond Baquette band from NAM CHO.

2. Old European cuts

Some people love to follow the family legacy and tradition for meaningful jewelry like engagement rings. For that matter, you can go for old European cuts with an heirloom inspiration and a personal touch. Having a hard time finding the right European-style ring? You can check out Wholesale Sparkle for a wide variety of engagement rings at modest prices. The whole idea of an heirloom-inspired ring is to symbolize the connection between love, family traditions, and unity.

You can opt for designs like Rosey West Three Stone Old-European-Cut Diamond ring or something more vintage-like Sofia Kaman’s Chloe ring with an 18K gold band.

3. Unique halo ring

I think we can all agree to the fact that halo rings will never go out of style. Halo rings are a timeless design that can work in any era with a twist. If your partner values modernity with a touch of tradition, then you should go for a halo ring with an unusual shape such as geometric, sunburst, or floral.

Nothing speaks glamorous in the world of engagement rings better than a halo of diamonds with a magnificent centerpiece. A highly recommended style is choosing a halo ring with a colored center stone with smaller diamonds underneath the center stone, just like the traditional Oval Diamond Hidden Halo Ring from Verragio.

4. Classic statement wedding bands

Personally, wedding bands are a classic, and their presence on the finger speaks for itself. So, we think that classic statement wedding bands with bold styles like sparkly eternity bands and diamond-encrusted bands are not going out of style any time soon.

There are many styles to choose from unusual diamond-shaped bands to emerald illusion bands; the possibilities are endless! A personal favorite we would like to recommend is the ultra-edgy and modern claw rings like the Triple Row Diamond Claw or the Gold Claw Stackable ring, which would look breathless.

5. Blue engagement rings

Let’s face it, we all knew that the moment Diana wore her gorgeous sapphire ring, blue engagement rings would stay a fashion trend forever. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that your soon-to-be bride would want to ditch the all-white design and go for something colorful and vibrant.

Combining different blue stones such as tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, and aquamarine with multi-color gemstones is incredibly trendy this year. If your girl loves to play with colors, we recommend something like the Tsarina sky blue flake ring by Nadine Aysoy or the Novo Horizon Ring by Tiffany & Co.

6. Vintage engagement rings

If you and your bride-to-be value the bygone eras and love to dwell in the glory of the past, then you should try vintage engagement rings. There was a sudden surge during the pandemic in demand for vintage-inspired rings and art deco pieces.

The latest trend is to add personal touches to retro and antique designs for a characterful outlook. The possibilities are endless when it comes to playing with vintage-inspired rings.

You can try something as antique as a flower halo ring by Queensmith, as timeless as the Tiara engagement ring from Trumpet & Horn, as glamorous as a Marquise diamond ring with sapphire halo by Kwiat, and as elegant as the Half Hoop Vintage ring by Sofia Kaman.

7. Two stone rings

The two-stone engagement ring is one of the latest trends to hit the engagement scene this season after Ariana Grande showed off her pearl and an oval-cut stunner. A ring consisting of two differently shaped and cut diamonds or gemstones represents uniqueness and edginess that we think your fiancé would love.

A standout in this category is definitely the emerald cut open diamond ring by Jemma Wynne and the exotic Christina Two Stone Diamond ring by Yates Jewelers in 14k white gold. It’s a stunning new style that will make your fiancé’s gorgeous fingers stand out, and the two stones can symbolize the union of two different people.

8. Modern solitaire rings

Solitaire rings have been a staple in the wedding scene for decades, and public demand for elegant and straightforward rings has breathed new life into the trend. However, we recommend that you go for a simple solitaire setting with a touch of modernity and uniqueness.

For instance, minimal design with a bezel or a ‘rubover’ is trendy in the bridal industry these days. Another design riding high in the solitaire engagement ring settings is the Dew Drop Rose Cut diamond ring from Rosey West which includes small multi-colored diamonds on the band with a white diamond centerpiece.


A few things are incredibly memorable and valuable to every bride, and an engagement ring is one of them. An engagement ring marks the union of two truly loving souls, which will happen soon. That is why if you are popping the question this year, we’d highly recommend the above list of the trendiest engagement ring designs this year.

We guarantee that your bride will fall in love with one of these.