Green Cargo Pants Are Everywhere

If it seems green cargo pants are almost ubiquitous right now, you’ve been watching clothing trends closely. This comfortable style has taken the world of functional fashion by storm — from the streets to the red carpet to the runways. And it’s easy to see why – the comfortable classic slacks are practical, stylish, super versatile, and above all, incredibly easy to wear.

Green cheers and soothes, reminding us of sun-dappled leaves on a clear blue-sky day. And green cargo pants exude a sense of well-being, vitality, and optimism.

Primarily associated with utilitarian, work-ready outfits, green cargo pants are right up your alley if you love functional styles like carpenter pants, mechanic jackets, or boilersuits. But they’re just as ready for comfort running errands, meeting friends, or relaxing in your home.

They’ve become the go-to style for celebrities and ordinary folks alike. And you don’t have to break the bank to score a high-quality pair that will help you rock the functional look in style.

Rihanna Sighted in Camo Cargo Pants

If there’s one clothing trend that has been fought tooth and nail over the years but has remained evergreen, it is definitely cargo pants. Previously considered a faux pas in the fashion world, cargo pants were once a style that celebrities wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Now, cargo pants are an essential part of London High Street fashion and New York chic, and almost every A-list celebrity has been spotted at some point donning this once-controversial style. From Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, to Jennifer Aniston— every celeb is looking to hop onto the cargo pants bandwagon, and they love it!

Rihanna was recently seen in green camo cargo pants while out and about in the Big Apple. RiRi looked like a million bucks in her gorgeous and comfortable outfit that caused a lot of frenzy among her loyal fans.

The Savage x Fenty owner made a compelling case for baggy military green cargo pants as a comfy yet ultra-chic look. Teaming the high-waist pants with itty bitty white slip-on pumps and a loose-fitting pink tank top, she also tossed a pink fur bucket hat and black cat-eye sunglasses in the mix to round off her relaxed get-up. What a combo!

How to Wear Green Cargo Pants in Your Everyday Style

Green cargo pants come in many different lengths and styles. Some do come with roomy side pockets, often placed just above the knees on the outer thighs. These can easily house your keys, wallet, phone, and other essentials.

When it comes to wearing green cargo pants, variety is the name of the game. Their uses are vast and varied, from preppy to alternative, making them a great style for every woman. Here are some of the best ways you can incorporate this comfortable style into your everyday fashion routine.

Relaxed look

Cargo pants shine brightest when pulling together a relaxed yet cool look. You can pull this off  in a variety of ways. First of all, you can’t go wrong with casual items like denim jackets. Combining dark green camo cargo pants and a light blue denim jacket is a fashionable and safe bet for everyday style. Introduce a white tank, a gold watch, and a pair of leather flat sandals to complete the ensemble.

Casual look

If you’re a hoodie person, you’ll feel right at home wearing green cargo pants. They especially go well with hoodies in neutral hues like gray, navy, beige, or camel, a pairing that proves how  cargo pants look fabulous with just about anything. In footwear, perk up your look with canvas-top sneakers. Finish the outfit with a gray crew-neck t-shirt.

To put together a casual look for a colder day, pair your green cargo pants with an ivory knit oversized cardigan or sweater for a smart and stylish look. It’ll take you through your busy day and into the night as well, especially if you amp up your look with a black leather tote bag, black sunglasses, and a pair of black leather ankle boots.

Are you going for a killer casual look? Green cargo pants, an olive crew-neck sweater, and a black biker jacket make for the perfect recipe. A gray scarf and a pair of black leather loafers will power up your casual outfit.

If you’re gunning for a simple off-duty look, consider pairing olive-green cargo pants with an open cardigan (preferably in gray, black, or beige). Teamed with a gray cropped top, a gold watch, and a pair of black and white low-top sneakers, it’s a great way to look casual yet.

A combination of green cargo pants and a black long sleeve t-shirt proves that a casual look can still carry some chic vibes. A pair of tan leather lace-up boots, a gray cap, and dark brown sunglasses will look perfectly at home paired with the two.

Smart casual look

If you’re looking to pull together a seriously stylish yet casual get-up, try pairing green cargo pants with a parka in the same or darker shade of green. For an even smarter look, complete your look with a charcoal knit turtleneck, a black leather handbag, and a pair of black leather ankle boots.

And you can mix business with leisure! Just team green cargo pants and a white dress shirt. Complete this functional style with orange suede loafers, dark brown sunglasses, and a dark brown leather tote bag. The look is just this side of funky but the white dress shirt assures your seriousness.

Want an even more venturesome smart-casual outfit? Try teaming your green cargo pants with a navy coat. It’s a pair that’s easy to pull off and even easier to put together. To add a polished twist to the outfit, introduce a black leather clutch and a pair of black leather ballerina shoes; we guarantee these items will increase the style creds of your ensemble by a huge margin.

Chic is the middle name of smart casual. If this sounds like you, wear your cargo pants with a pink fur jacket to pull off a laid-back look that’s as stylish as it comes. A pink knit scarf, a brown pedant, and a leather tote bag are sure to up the ante.

Summer-friendly look

Cargo pants and summer go hand in hand. So, why not pair them with a gray cropped top and an open cardigan? When styling green cargo pants, we cannot help but think of the vast range of summery styles available from enchanting lifestyle brands like Sanctuary. For max fashion appeal, complement this ensemble with a pair of white and black leather low-top sneakers.

Fall-friendly look

Pairing dark green camo cargo pants with a white crew-neck tee is a brilliant way to go for a casual fall look. They’re a bona fide match when you’re assembling your off-duty wardrobe that’s fashion-forward. To add a classier twist to your ensemble, why not introduce a pair of suede ankle boots and a gold watch to the mix?

Every Kind of Green Cargo Pants Imaginable

Today, you can find every kind of green cargo pants to match every style and personality. They come in many styles, including camo, denim, jogger pants, slim-fit pants, hiking cargo pants, inclusive styles, and more.

How Celebrities Wear their Cargo Pants

More and more celebrities are turning to cargo pants to help add some function and spice to their outfits. Lucy Hale is perhaps one of the biggest wearers of cargo pants in the celebrity world. She loves to take advantage of the ultra-relaxed look of this comfy style; she prefers to pair the pants with white sneakers and a little white camisole.

Jennifer Aniston is another celeb who’s seriously into cargo pants. She used to wear the style on repeat while playing Rachel in the classic TV show Friends. She’s back to her typical style, pairing the trusty army green cargo pants with a simple white tank top. The actress accessorizes the outfit with a pair of light brown wedge sandals, aviator sunglasses, and a pendant necklace.

If you follow Kim Kardashian, you know the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is a big fan of cargo pants. Earlier this year, she was spotted in cargo pants, Yeezy boots, and a cropped white shirt that showed off her sculpted abs.

Some celebs even wear cargo pants on set. Take Kim Petras, for instance; she’s known to wear cargo pants with a pink bra. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner pairs her cargo pants with her signature heels and a ribbed turtleneck sweater.

Wrapping up …

However you look at it, green cargo pants are everywhere, and not by accident. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna have made a serious case for this comfy and relaxed style. What are you waiting for?