Get to know the Western Style Hats

Perhaps you have always had the dream to live the true western life. No matter what the dream is, the fact is that you cannot be a true cowboy or cowgirl, without a fine western hat. Although there are a lot of hat makers in the world, cowboy hats made in USA are the real deal.

Now, you cannot get a better quality hat than one that was crafted with creativity, time, and by hand. It just feels right at home! No matter what your style is, there is a cowboy hat for every look. In addition, if you want to go fully country style, handmade cowboy hat is truly the way to go.

Traditional Look

Living the cowboy life, enjoying the open field, riding horses, bull-rides, or the rodeo, means you have to look the part too. Depending on your fashion preferences, there are more than a handful of cowboy hats you can choose from to complement your style.

A handmade cowboy hat has a lot of features you are sure to like. The ones made by Gone Country are especially designed for so much more. Whether it’s Toby Keith wide brim curl you are looking for, or, you want something to serve as a protection from the sun, a cowboy hat is the perfect western item to rock.

Handmade cowboy hats made in the USA, especially by Gone Country, have the following features;

1.    Flexibility – Rock a new shape

Most handmade cowboy hats have a wire sewn into the edge of their brim; this wire makes it easy to rock a new shape, and a new look. Is that a new hat? No, it’s a hot shape!

2.    Durability – An extra layer of it

The difference between cowboys and regular people is that they are quite a tough bunch. So, they deserve an extra layer of durable. These handmade hats are made with very high quality and they are very sturdy.

3.    Resistant – Come rain, come sunshine

Handmade cowboy hats are made to be resistant to harsh weather conditions. You can use them in the rain, without having to worry. The hats are very resistant, well except your dog takes a bite.

4.    Style – Extra hot new look

With a hot new cowboy hat, you are sure to look nice. The style is different, and very unique, giving you that traditional western look.

Going Western- Yihaa!

Cowboy hats are more than just a fashion item. They signify a deep western culture, and are a defining piece for any cowboy. From the crown to the brim, the cowboy hat has remained a very symbolic attire in the west. It is also available in different colours, and can be worn by anyone, both old, and young.