Eat Big to Get Big: Is it Right?

A common notion that is still religiously followed even after years since it surfaced, it eats big to get big. This means that you are required to put on as much weight as you can and in the fastest way possible. It is also called dirt bulking. This leads to extra fat gain. Moreover, this was believed to be the outcome of muscle building. Back in the day, when it meant to get big, it meant that one should eat as much they can and gain weight.

However, things have changed significantly in the last few days. People have become quite smart and when it comes to health and bodybuilding, they have started to eat and train even faster. However, this methodology is no longer effective.

Here are some key reasons that indicate why you should not be following the rule of eating big to get big:

It Makes It Difficult To Get Lean

As per the theory of eating big to get big, you can put on weight in a short time without any additional muscle-building benefit beyond what a small calorie surplus is capable of. It also boosts the complexity level and the time that you need to get lean after you are done with building muscles.

Normally, after building muscle, you have to lose any fat that you may have gained to observe how many muscles you have. It also lets you get a lean and muscular look. In case you have put on weight in big amounts, you might need a few months or even years to lose weight. This method makes you lose fat harder and impacts your ability to build muscle as well.

It Increases Fat Gain

Weight change relies on the energy balance. Moreover, it is called calories in vs. calories out. This comes with 3 possible outcomes. And the amount of energy that you consume through calories compared to the amount of energy you use via activity determines in which one you are in.

Positive Balance: Weight gain occurs when consuming more calories than you can use for energy,

Negative Balance: If you consume fewer calories than you use for energy, you will lose weight.

Neutral Balance: If you eat an equal amount of energy as you use for energy, you will maintain your energy.

The best way to build muscle is through a small calorie surplus. This way, the body gains weight slowly and steadily. Moreover, it also boosts the chances that the weight gain is muscle mass. For the majority, the 100-1400 calories over maintenance is enough. The theory negates the idea of a small calorie surplus. As a result, a lot of fat is gained. You put on weight without any additional muscle gain. It can hinder the ability to achieve your muscle goals.

You Will Not Gain a Lot of Muscle

Muscle building occurs in the form of cycles. Muscle building takes some time to start affecting your body. You are required to work hard till you reach 15% -20% of body fat before you start to lose the fat. Then, until you reach 10 – 12% body fat and switch back again.  To get your ideal physique, you have to constantly switch back and forth.

The eat big to get big method disrupts the cycle. Moreover, leads to less muscle building and even jeopardizes your results. You should know that the process of muscle building happens to be a steady endeavor. Since each body and its mechanisms are different, everyone experiences muscle growth at a different rate. You will have to slowly put on weight for efficient muscle building. This assures that you are boosting your chances of transforming that weight into muscles and lessening the chances of it becoming fat.

You spend more time in muscle building before you begin losing fat. When you gain weight at a fast pace, the eat big to get big does not apply. You spend up less time building muscles and more time getting rid of all the excess fat you have put on.

Impacts Your Appearance

Most people get into bodybuilding to get a defined and well-cut body that makes heads turn. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that most people get into this for superficial purposes. When you follow the right method of muscle building and do so steadily, you are in control of the amount of fat you gain. This indicates that you can spend months and gain weight slowly without impacting your look.

Eat big to get big does not let you do that. You cannot get lean when you gain weight at a fast pace. Moreover, it reduces the amount of time that you spend boosting your muscle building and cutting down fat.

Increase the Time to Achieve Your Goals

You fail to win your goals if you follow the eat big to get a big theory. For a more athletic physique and to have more muscles, you need to work on it and spend time on it.

You are available with two options:

  • One thing could be you following the eat big to get big method and then spending 2-4 months on muscle building. And then, spend the next 4-8 months getting rid of all the excess fat that you have put on.
  • Another option is that you could eat a small calorie surplus and then spend 4-8 months building those muscles before you lose the fat for 2-4 months to shed the amount of fat that you have put on.

In one of these methods, you gain a small amount of muscle along with a lot of fat. In the other method, you can maintain and constantly improve the existing body with slow and gradual muscle building and short spans of fat loss. You should know that eat big to get big is not a shortcut for fast muscle gain. It is not only outdated but a method that does not work even in the process of muscle building. You need to pick the right method if you want to build muscles and get great results.

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