Bountiful bouquets – the perfect birthday gift

The older we get, the less we seem to care about our birthdays. When we’re children birthdays are a big deal, but as we get older, it’s just another day in the grand scheme of things. In fact, many people just stop celebrating their birthday altogether.

Even if you know somebody like that, you can still add a small touch of something special on their birthday. They might say they don’t expect gifts or a party, which is why flowers are still an excellent gesture, especially if they’re somebody important to you.

What makes flower bouquets a perfect birthday gift?

Giving flowers on someone’s birthday is not only a nice gesture, it can have cultural significance as well. As some examples, flowers are traditionally given in Italy for all birthdays. In Korea, a person might receive 20 flowers on their 20th birthday, and in the Philippines, a girl receives 18 red roses for her 18th birthday.

So we can see that there are certainly cultural precedents for giving flowers on someone’s birthday, but even if it’s not a social norm in your culture, giving flowers on someone’s birthday is still a nice gesture to brighten their birthday a bit. Especially if they weren’t expecting anything to begin with.

What are the best flowers to give on birthdays?

The type of relationship you have with the birthday person will certainly play a factor into the type of flowers you give. If it’s a special woman in your life, giving roses will always carry a romantic attachment. To really impress your special someone, you can browse a large variety of beautiful rose bouquets for delivery from the Bouqs.

Although roses don’t always have to be romantic, as you can just as easily give roses to your mother, or even a close female friend or co-worker, with platonic intentions. In fact, having flowers delivered to a coworkers desk with a friendly “Happy Birthday!” greeting card could hardly be misrepresented as something more, as long as you aren’t including more personal gifts like jewelry and perfumes.

However if you can’t disassociate roses with their romantic meanings, there are other great friendship flowers to give on someone’s birthday. This includes flowers such as Peruvian lily, sweet peas, delphiniums, cosmos, and peony.

Things to include with a birthday bouquet

If you want a few extra gifts included with a bouquet, it of course depends again on the type of relationship you have with the person.

For a romantic partner, of course you will want to include some personal gifts and things they have expressed wanting. So for that, it’s best to pay attention to your romantic partner and know what would really brighten their day.

For friends and co-workers, you can keep it quite simple and just get them gifts that you think they would enjoy, without being too personal. For a close friend, you could for example get them a book, or some bakery treats, those sorts of simple gifts.

With co-workers you especially want to be careful, because your office might have rules regarding gift giving. In that case your co-worker birthday gifts should be practical along with the flower bouquet, like a coffee mug, or a nice Moleskine daily planner.

Whatever you decide to give someone as an additional gift, a bouquet of flowers will surely be a much appreciated gift, so anything else is just icing on the cake.