Blankets? Shirts? Mugs? Cool Personalized Gift Ideas for Friends

Giving gifts is just as fun as receiving gifts, and can be argued that it is more enjoyable in some circumstances. This is especially true for those that put in a lot of effort and thought to their gifts, and not just giving items because they have to. Here are some cool personalized gift ideas for friends.


One of the most traditional personalized gifting ideas is, of course, the classic mug. Personalized mugs can express so many meanings and emotions, from your quirky moods to certain holiday spirits.  Mugs make a great gift to personalize with even names, especially those that are living with other people in your home or even at work if you want a dedicated mug to leave at the office. No one wants to share a mug with others. Just be careful of gifting too many mugs. There is a limit to how many mugs a cupboard can hold so be mindful of your recipients.


Making your canvas bigger provides more potential for fun. Customizing shirts and other types of apparel are a great way to ensure that your gifts have a personal touch. Whether you are sharing inside jokes between friends, trying to commemorate certain events and memories with photographs, or simply quoting a person’s favorite book or movie, these make the perfect gift for anyone and highlight the fact that you are paying attention to the individual and not simply gifting something that can go to anyone. Personalizing your gifts in these ways makes them that more special.

Bedding And Blankets

Looking into more creative alternatives of your personal gift-giving, blankets are a great gifting option for people that you love and want to give something special. Navigate to this website, if you want to get more info about personalized blankets.  Blankets are associated with feelings of warmth and security. VisionBedding photo blankets are the encapsulation of a perfectly personalized yet functional gift. It incorporates the personal touch of a photograph of your choice with all the function of a warm and cozy blanket. If you want to tie it together with bedding, you can also personalize pillows and sheets. This can be a fun and humorous gift idea, as your options are limitless when it comes to the pictures or phrases you could have on your blankets.

Bedding And Blankets

Journals And Pens

For those that are looking to provide a little bit of meaning to the writer or artist in their life, a personalized journal, sketchbook, or notebook is a great gifting idea. These important books are best personalized with messages or even the initials of someone that you care for and wish great things for, but in a more subtle way. These small touches also make these items more professional and look classier without drawing so much attention outside of the person you are primarily gifting them to. If you would like to pair these books with other things, personalized pens or other tools for them to work with are a great pairing.

The gifting experience is a pretty personal one, as you aren’t really giving things to people you hardly know. One way to make any event or celebration that much more meaningful is by personalizing your gifts to the individual. This tells them just how much they mean to you and how much you value their relationship.