Athleisure: How to Wear Sports Clothes in Everyday Life

Let’s face it; life seems to be getting more and more busy. Maybe it’s always been this fast-paced and we just didn’t realize it. 

Maybe spending a lot of time working remotely and staying indoors over the last couple of years has made it seem like things have just gotten so much busier. Whatever it is, people want to dress more comfortably and casually as we are constantly going from one type of activity or gathering to another.

Athleisure is a fashion trend in which sport clothes designed for athletic activity are worn in other settings, such as during casual or leisure time. This can include clothing such as yoga pants, hoodies, sneakers, tank tops and tees, and many other items which are commonly made from athletic materials such as moisture-wicking fabrics, or you can find more at LUXELADYFIT

Know How and What to Wear with Athleisure

Mix Fashion & Function  

Athleisure wear is all about mixing function and fashion. To mix the two effectively, you can follow these tips:

  • Choose versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple settings
  • Pay attention to fabric choices 
  • Incorporate non-athletic pieces into your athletic wear outfits
  • Play with layering (such as a hoodie or a sweater over a tank top or a t-shirt)
  • Accessorize with a statement piece like a shoulder bag or a sunglasses
  • Be mindful of color coordination and patterns

By following these tips, you can effectively mix function and fashion with your athleisure wear and create a look that is both comfortable and stylish.

Dressing for the Occasion

Athleisure wear can be a great choice for many different occasions, but it’s important to dress appropriately for the event or activity. For example, when at the gym, opt for comfortable, breathable clothes like sports leggings, bra, shorts and joggers that allow for a full range of motion.

For casual outings, such as running errands or grabbing lunch with friends, choose comfortable, stylish pieces such as joggers, a tank top, and sneakers. If you need something business-casual, you can achieve this by pairing athleisure pieces such as a blazer or cardigan with athletic leggings or joggers and comfortable shoes

Keep in mind patterns, fabric choices, and color coordination to achieve a cohesive and polished appearance. By being mindful of the occasion and the dress code, you can use athleisure wear to create a look that is both comfortable and appropriate for the event.

How to Accessorize

Accessorizing with athleisure wear can be a great way to add style and personality to your look. Here are a few quick tips for accessorizing athleisure styles:

  • Sneakers
  • Handbags
  • Sunglasses
  • Jewelry (simple and minimal)
  • Headwear (baseball cap or scrunchie)

By accessorizing with the right pieces, you can elevate your athleisure look and make it even more stylish and versatile.

Athleisure Is The New Trend

With the world of fashion changing so rapidly, it’s nice to have simple and casual options available as trends come and go. The thing about athleisure is that since any type of athletic/casual wear is appropriate with the right combos and accessories, the sheer volume of sportswear makes the possibilities virtually unlimited.