A Trend Explained: Why Is Rose Gold Jewelry So Popular?

Want to learn about one of the latest jewelry trends on the market today? Of course you do! Click here to learn why rose gold is so popular right now.

Are you drawn toward rose gold jewelry? You are not alone. Rose gold is enjoying its time in the spotlight as one of the most popular metals for jewelry today.

Did you know that this metal first became popular in the 1800 in Russia? It isn’t, in fact, a new thing. The fashion world has brought it back to the forefront.

Continue reading to learn more about the metal, its history, and why it’s so popular.

How Is Rose Gold Made?

The term rose gold includes all red, rose, and pink shades of gold. To create rose gold, a copper alloy is combined with pure gold. The amount of copper used influences the redness of the gold.

To create the common rose gold color, the craftsman mixes 75% gold with 25% copper by mass. This is considered an 18K gold. Since this color of gold is an alloy, there’s no such thing as “pure rose gold”.

The History of Rose Gold Jewelry

In the late nineteenth century, rose gold was first used to make Victorian wedding bands. At the time, this metal was quite expensive. Thus, only the wealthiest citizens could afford jewelry created from this metal.

Individuals who wore rose gold jewelry were known as people of wealth and status.

Art Deco Rings

The term Art Deco is short for Arts Décoratifs. The Exposition internationale des arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes took place in Paris in 1925.

Art Deco blends modernist styles with rich materials and skilled craftsmanship. It reflects glamour and luxury.

Today, many people are choosing art deco style rings. This creates a unique ring combining rose gold with a diamond or other gemstone. You will have a ring that stands out and stands the test of time.

What Makes Rose Gold So Desirable?

Rose gold has become one of the hottest trends over the past several years. This metal works with many different styles making it extremely versatile. Take a look at the rose gold advantages.

  • It’s more durable than yellow or white gold
  • Its natural beauty enhances nature-inspired designs such as leaves
  • It looks great on everyone, especially those with warms skin tones
  • Its color pairs well with many different styles and colors of stones
  • It fits any occasion
  • It feels romantic
  • It’s more affordable than other metals
  • It doesn’t require rhodium plate like white gold
  • Men can wear it too

You will find rose gold jewelry adorning many Hollywood stars on and off the red carpet.

Are You a Fashionista?

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