A Guide to Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you prefer short hair, but there are times when you wish you could magically grow your hair for a special occasion and with Remy human hair clip-in extensions, you can do just that! You choose the colour, length and type of hair and ordering online is easy and convenient, while clip-in hair extensions can be attached in minutes.

  • Brush your hair – The first step to attaching copper human hair extensions is to fully brush your hair. This removes all tangles and the hair is ready for the clip-ins. You should also brush the hair extensions, from the bottom to the weft before clipping it into your hair.
  • Gather a weft of hair – At the nape of the neck, separate a weft of hair and clip the rest to the top to keep it out of the way. When setting the clips, this should be done as close to the roots as possible. Once the clip is set, pull the extension slightly to ensure good grip. This process should be repeated in a layered way if you are doing a full-head, some women prefer to add length to only the back and not the sides.
  • Practice makes perfect – It won’t take you long to master the art of clip-in extensions; the only thing to watch for is revealing the clips. If you love wearing the clip-in extensions, you could visit a top hair salon and have tape-in or keratin bonded extensions fitted, which remain in place for a few months. You can experiment if you have a range of hair extensions to find the perfect look. On the topic of hair, click here to find out what headwear they wore in ancient Greece.

Types of hair extensions

There are four types of human hair extensions, which are as follows:

  1. Clip-in hair extensions
  2. Tape-in hair extensions
  3. Keratin bonded hair extensions
  4. Halo hair extensions

To learn more about Remy human hair extensions, search online for a leading UK hair extension retailer and you can order some clip-in extensions that perfectly match your hair. If you are not so keen to attach the extensions yourself, a local hair salon would be happy to oblige for a small cost.

Texture, colour & length

When you browse the hair extensions website, you will see the many options, which include a free colour matching service; if you don’t normally shop online, your consumer rights are not affected and the supplier’s website would be secure.