8 Summer Skincare Essentials

It’s time to swap out those thick, heavy creams you used all winter and revamp your skincare for the summer season. Skin is dynamic and the nourishment your complexion craves will vary based on the air and weather in the environment around you. Whereas all winter long you might have been plagued with blotchy red patches or dry, brittle skin, chances are that this season you’ll be met with excessive oil and acne breakouts, to name just a couple challenges.

Don’t worry—we’ll help you keep your skin in tip-top shape all summer long using these essential items in your skincare routine!

1. Daily Cleanser

Keep those pores nice and clear with a daily cleanser that can effectively remove dirt and debris without stripping the skin of its exterior barrier. You’ll want to find a product that you can use every morning and every night, as sweat builds up blockages both during the day and while you sleep.

2. Gentle Exfoliator

It’s natural for skin cells to turnover and die. Your body regenerates tissue overnight, and this process is accelerated during the hot summer months when the sun beats down on skin and damages its sensitive tissue.

If you don’t routinely slough off this dead outer layer, it can cause your complexion to appear dull and rough. You need an exfoliator that can shed off dead skin and reveal the young, healthy tissue below for a radiant glow.

3. Lightweight Moisturizer

During the winter, a heavy, overnight moisturizing cream is key for preventing the dry, cold air from wreaking havoc on your delicate complexion. But you’re already up against enough pore-clogging adversaries this time of year, so do yourself a favor and opt for a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer than will provide skin cells with the hydration they need to combat those endless days outdoors.

If your skin could use a little extra moisture, consider an oil hybrid serum. Understand the difference here: https://www.glossier.com/products/futuredew

4. Critical SPF

You might want to look like a golden goddess now, but you’ll pay the price down the road when skin prematurely sags, looking loose and wrinkles like worn-out leather. It’s absolutely critical to protect the vitality of your skin if you want to preserve its youthful quality, so put up a fight against UV radiation every day in order to defend against the sun’s harmful rays.

We prefer all-natural mineral sunscreen that can gently shield skin without exposing it to harmful chemicals that can release toxins in the body.

Read more about dangerous SPF chemicals that are banned in many locations here: https://www.ewg.org/sunscreen/report/the-trouble-with-sunscreen-chemicals/

Critical SPF

5. CBD Supplements

It’s just as important to protect skin from the inside as it is from the outside and taking CBD supplements can be highly effective in terms of an anti-aging, acne-fighting solution. Unlike the THC derived from marijuana plants, CBD is non-psychoactive, so it’ll never make you feel inebriated. You can ingest it as an oil, tincture, tasty gummies, or refreshing beverages so you’ll be sure to find a medicated treatment that fits your preferences.

Read more about the benefits of CBD here: https://cbdfx.com/products/cbd-capsules-750mg/

6. Nourishing Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is pretty much the summertime cure-all that can solve all sorts of ailments, from dry, damaged hair to cracking elbows and knees. Keep a jar in the shower and add a dab to your conditioner or apply a couple dabs along with your lotion when you’re toweling off.

7. Homemade Scalp Scrubs

Dandruff is no fun, so give your scalp some TLC with scrubs you can make at home. They’ll revitalize the hair follicles and stimulate growth, so you can achieve those effortlessly beautiful beachy waves that are so iconic this season.

8. Callous Remover

From long walks on the beach to barefoot dance parties in the backyard, your feet take a serious beating over summer. Keep ‘em feeling soft and smooth with foot callus remover so you don’t feel the need to hide them away in sweaty socks!

Add these to your summer skincare routine and you’ll be all set!