8 Ideas For A Breath-Taking Wedding Ceremony

Perhaps most of you have been through that time in your life when you daydreamed about your wedding in the future and how you want it to be unique, romantic, and breath-taking. Going back to the present, now you’re finally here, doing wedding plans for that special event you once dreamed of having.

Everyone wants to have a perfect wedding. Each of you may have a different definition of what an ideal wedding is, but generally, a wedding ceremony is perfect when it goes accordingly to how you planned it. If you’ve been fantasizing about a beach wedding ever since you and your partner started dating, then that’s how you define a perfect wedding ceremony. If you’ve always wanted to have a garden wedding, that’ll be the best wedding ceremony for you too.

In spite of having a vision of how you want your wedding ceremony to happen, it might still be tough to put it into action, especially as you have many wedding details to attend to. Aside from the wedding location, you need to think of the bridal gown, your overall look, the reception, decoration, the guest list, and a lot more. Eventually, you may end up running out of concepts for your wedding ceremony.

To help you achieve that intimate wedding celebration, here are eight ideas for a breath-taking wedding ceremony that you’ll never forget for the rest of your lives.

1. The Wedding Altar

Your wedding ceremony will be incomplete without a designated altar. The altar may seem like a minor detail for some, but it can actually make or break the wedding ceremony’s overall appearance. For instance, if you have nature as a scenic backdrop for your ceremony, putting up another wall backdrop to “enhance” or cover the scenery will only ruin your altar. So, avoid taking your wedding altar lightly. After all, that’s where you and your partner will exchange your vows, so make sure you also have a good background for the photo.

If you’re hosting a beach, garden, or hill wedding, avoid blocking the scenery when designing the altar. Keep the decoration simple so that the main focus will be on the two fo you and the scenic backdrop.

2. Find Your Light

Aside from planning the decoration, location, or the altar’s backdrop, don’t forget to find your light. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, it’s essential that you choose a perfect time of the day which light will complement your theme. For instance, if you’re hosting a beach wedding, the best time to exchange your vows is around sunset, most popularly known as the golden hour. The sunset will not only enhance your wedding’s view, but it will make your wedding more romantic and emotional for your guests to handle.

3. Make Use Of Destination Venues

One of the easiest ways to make your wedding ceremony effortlessly breath-taking is by utilizing destination venues like the stunning Pemberton wineries. If you know some local destination venues in your area that allow weddings, you can take that opportunity. Not only will this make your wedding ceremony unique and different from the rest, but it’ll also be easier for the wedding photographers to capture landscapes while making sure you and your partner will be at the center of the photos. The stunning destination will be a beautiful touch to your wedding pictures.

4. Go For A City Backdrop

If you aspire to exchange your vows in the city where you and your partner first met, you can use the city as the backdrop itself. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your wedding ceremony must be in the exact spot where you two met. It’s about using the city’s panoramic view and skyline as your backdrop. Imagine how timeless and moving your wedding photos would be if you have the New York City skyline behind you. The choice of the city is up to you, but make sure to choose a spot which will give an expansive view of the city. Additional pro tip: Set aside some time with your partner and take some photos during the golden hour.

5. Utilize Elevated Space

Instead of hosting your wedding on the ground, like at a beach or a garden, why not host it somewhere higher than the ground? You can utilize an elevated space for your wedding ceremony, such as the terrace, rooftop, or the top floor. Holding a wedding ceremony from the top view will provide you with extraordinary views of the surrounding scenery. Plus, being in an elevated space means you’re a little closer to the light, which is better for the photos.

6. Think Minimal

Now that you’ve chosen a venue with breath-taking views, you don’t have to spend much fortune, time, and effort on your wedding decorations. Not that you shouldn’t use any decorations at all, but this means you can go minimal with your decorations. Let the venue and the panoramic scenery speak for themselves and let the view decorate the space for you.

7. Color Scheme

In relation to being minimalistic with your decorations, make sure your chosen wedding color scheme matches with the location. For instance, if you’re hosting your wedding at the beach, you can use soft colors for the tablespace, the runners, or the wedding chairs. Your chosen color scheme will enhance the effect of the scenery.

8. Optimize Your Decoration’s Placement

Suppose that you’ve decided to host your wedding on a hilltop. If there’s a particular part of your scenic wedding location that you want to show off to your guests, you can place a certain decoration in that area, which would lead your guests to visit that spot purposely. It can be the venue’s entrance or cocktail areas. The decoration will lead your guests to that area and marvel at the beautiful view that’s right in front of them.

All Ready for the Ceremony

The key to hosting a breath-taking wedding ceremony is not about how much you spent for your big wedding or how huge the event turned out. It’s about hosting a wedding in a location that’s close to your heart while surrounded by the people who you genuinely care about. These wedding ideas mentioned above will help you successfully pull off the wedding of your dreams which you surely won’t forget for all the years to come.