6 Tips to Having a Minimalist Wardrobe

When it comes to interior design, minimalism is highly favored due to its crisp, clean lines, neat empty spaces, and overall refreshing and clean ambiance. It is usually chosen by those who want a less-cluttered home, especially when they already get overwhelmed with their workload and personal issues.

Minimalism isn’t limited to decor. You can start your minimalist goal by streamlining your wardrobe. If you plan to do some spring cleaning with your closet and bedroom, here are six helpful tips that will help you get on the right track.

Sort Your Closet

The first step is to sort out your closet so you can take inventory of all your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Doing so helps you segregate which items you will keep, sell, or donate. You also get to declutter any mess and junk that may have been occupying space in your closet. Sorting out your closet is also an excellent way for you to start a new wardrobe on a clean slate. You will feel more refreshed and relaxed after seeing a cleaner closet.

Get Rid of Clothes That You Don’t Wear

After sorting your closet contents, get rid of items that you don’t wear or use anymore. You can give them to friends or relatives who want them, or sell them online for added income. Doing so also allows you to add future items to your closet without squeezing them in

Because minimalism is about less is more, getting rid of items you don’t use anymore clears up any visual clutter and chaos that may add to your stress and anxiety. Looking at a clean closet is also refreshing and helps you pencil out how you will reorganize your minimalist wardrobe.

Decide on Your Personal Style

Decluttering your closet also helps you determine your personal style. You get to check which clothing items you often wear, which suit your personality and aura, and which are perfect for your area’s climate.

If you aren’t sure of your style, build on the pieces you have decided to leave out. Check which clothes and shoes are stylish and suitable for all trends so that you can wear and style them for all occasions.

Finding your style doesn’t just create a fashion identity for you. It also helps you reevaluate which clothes to buy in the future and which trends are worth following.

Keep Classics and Basics

When decluttering your closet, make a list of all the basic pieces you own and segregate them from seasonal pieces. Articles such as a little black dress, white shirt, jeans, nude pumps, and white sneakers are some of the timeless pieces you should keep. You can build on these outfits by mixing and matching to create different outfits and styles.

Stick to Neutral Shades

Other than classics, minimalism is also about sticking to neutral bases. Shades such as whites, blacks, creams, grays, browns, and beiges are ideal hues for you to build your minimalist wardrobe on. The best part about sticking to neutral colors is that they don’t go out of style, and they go with any warm or cool color.

If most of your clothes and shoes are black and white, add earthy elements to vary your style and outfits. You can also incorporate the same concept to designing your closet and bedroom. Take Discovery Primea in Makati as an example. The luxury condominium’s suites utilize beiges and browns to complement the ivory white sheets and curtains of the room, giving off a clean, professional, and classy look.

Display Some of Your Favorite Pieces

If you want to add a bit of a statement to your bedroom, you can display some of your favorite clothing pieces. Use coat hangers to hang a hat or two. If you have a wall-mounted coat rack, hang a few of your heavy clothing pieces like coats or jackets. Because minimalism is about clean floors, display your favorite pairs of shoes on a wall-mounted shelf, or just keep them inside your closet.

Just don’t display too many clothing items in one area. You want to maintain clean lines and simplicity in your bedroom. Adding too many elements will create clutter and throw off the minimalism you are going for.

A minimalist wardrobe isn’t just about style and aesthetics. It’s about tidying up your personal space and keeping away any clutter that will derail your peace of mind. Fashion should be fun and stress-free. Consider these six tips to help you begin your minimalist wardrobe.