5 Tips to Get a Perfectly Fitting Saree Blouse

Have you recently bought yourself a saree? Are you planning to make yourself a designer-fit blouse? Well, if you are, then following a few tips is extremely important!

A saree is incomplete without a proper fitting blouse. No matter who you choose for blouse stitching in Bangalore or any other part of India, you have to ensure they follow the pro tips.

Wondering what they are? Well, then keep reading! Here we will give your 5 pro tips that will ensure you make yourself the perfect saree blouse!

5 Pro Tips to Get a Perfect Fitting Saree Blouse

Sarees do not bring out that proper look if you don’t get yourself a perfect-fitting blouse. And for that, you have to choose your tailor wisely and also make sure you follow the pro tips.

So, let’s not waste any more time in checking out what the pro tips are to get yourself the perfect blouse:

Pro Tip #1: It’s All About Measurements!

Well, you cannot; we repeat, you simply CANNOT go wrong with this one! All of us know this, but do we remain attentive about it all the time? We’re afraid not everyone.

Always recheck and keep a count of what your tailor is noting down. Also, be sure not to make the blouse too thick, as it would make you uncomfortable.

And don’t shy yourself off to give your tailor the bra size. Only by checking out these things will you be able to get yourself a perfect-fitting blouse. Many people like an in-built bra to be sure the straps are not being seen. So, if you’re going in for that, ask the tailor to give you a perfect size cup that fits your breast.

However, if you’re going for a regular bra, you can always wear the bra and give your measurements. In that case, you would not go wrong with the blouse fitting.

Pro Tip #2 Balance of Colors & Material

A blouse can be of the same color your saree is in, or it might be in a contrasting color. So, you have to be particular when you are choosing a blouse. Some sarees do provide you with a piece of extra cloth that goes with your saree, but that necessarily might not look good with your saree. Or else, the material might affect the fitting of your blouse.

So, try to get yourself a material and color that stands out and makes you look fabulous.

Pro Tip #3 Wear the Perfect Bra

As mentioned earlier, a bra is a significant part of wearing a perfectly fitting blouse. So, you need to ensure that your bra fits well and goes with the blouse’s shape or design.

Not everyone likes the inbuilt cups that are present in some blouses. So, in this case, you have to be extra watchful about what bra you’re choosing. Watch the straps well and get yourself the perfect bra color too.

Pro Tip #4 Assess Your Body Shape

When you’re thinking of designing a blouse, you have to know what suits you. And for that, assessing your body is important. Only when you’re aware of your body shape will you choose a design that you can carry.

The neckline and back design depend vastly on one’s body shape. So, assess it well before you visit the tailor to get yourself a blouse stitched.

Pro Tip #5 Designs and Specifications

Each design is unique and beautiful. But not everything you see will look good on you. So, you have to be specific about yourself and assess what looks good on you. Once you’re sure about that, discuss it with your tailor.

Since some designs have ornaments on them, that too affects the fitting of the blouse. So, decide whether you want some design, ornament, or other accessories. Finally, when you know what design you want, you can explain it to the tailor.

Is a Trial Important?

Well, yes! Going for a trial is vital to correct errors that might happen. Once your blouse is made, you won’t be able to change it, but if you go for a trial, you will be able to tell the tailor the minute changes you want. And that’s how you can get yourself the perfect blouse.

Final Thoughts

All the 5 pro tips given above will help you get the perfect saree blouse. But remember to be clear and explain every tiny detail to your tailor. Only when you speak your mind out, a tailor will be able to reflect your wishes properly on the sewing they do!