5 Fashion Outfits that Used Real Flowers in Their Design

Flowers and fashion almost always go hand in hand, like knowing the difference between a jumper and a romper. Their fragile and delicate nature inspired prints and patterns, as well as form and construction for thousands of years now – the beauty of blooms has always occupied a special place in the heart of designers and wearers alike.

But have you ever seen an outfit made of real flowers? The delicate nature of flowers can inspire patterns and colors and cuts for clothes, but is a weakness that makes them a poor choice for material in making actual fashion outfits.

However, this limitation did not faze five brilliant designers who made garments out of fresh flowers. Here are five fashion outfits that used real flowers in their design.

1. Eve in the Garden of Delights

It’s only fitting to begin this list with something primal, and that is none other than Karl Bowman’s gorgeous cocktail dress from his 2011 runway collection, an outfit made of real flowers and leaves, with key points decorated by a variety of fresh roses, amaranthus, and gypsophila.

2. A Rose Dress for Valentines

Valentine’s Day all over the world is associated with roses, especially red ones, the flower being a symbol of love and affection. Asda and notable florist Joe Massie created this dress out of thousands of roses. This fashion outfit that used real flowers involved 170 hours of labor and weighed almost 13 kilograms.

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3. A Dream of Blooms

In the Fall issue of Munaluchi, artist Preston Bailey’s jaw-dropping gown made of flowers takes center stage. He says that it has been a long-time dream to create a wedding dress made of blooms. The outfit used real flowers in its design – roses, hydrangeas, orchids, and calla lilies were masterfully put together to create a fashion moment to remember.

4. A Bright Floral Fantasy

In a campaign celebrating The Rock shopping mall in Bury, England, florist Janet Hodgson debuted the most ambitious of her floral creations, a dress made entirely out of fresh flowers. This fantastic fashion outfit used real flowers in its designs – hundreds of roses, hydrangeas, orchids, amaranthus, and germini carefully chosen for their longevity, as well as their resemblance to the mall’s logo, which features a woman in a flowery dress and lots of bright blooms around her.

5. The Master’s Take on Floral Fashion

One of fashion’s most celebrated names is the late Alexander McQueen, whose exemplary vision has graced runways, magazines, the Met, and the wardrobes of the rich and famous. His groundbreaking work contributed to the growth of fashion in the past few decades, always challenging the status quo, always pushing boundaries forward, and always experimenting with unconventional forms and materials.

It’s no surprise then that he would create fashion outfits that used real flowers in their design, and though made of materials that are never meant to last, it is forever immortalized in these pictures and in memory, forever to be celebrated, just like his name.


Flowers have fascinated us for a long time, since the days of the brightest runway models of the 1970s, and have become a fashion inspiration staple. Some designers took the concept forward and used real flowers in the design of their fashion outfits, leading to memorable collaborations between floristry and fashion.

Which of these are your favorite, and what other unusual materials have you seen fashion outfits made of? Share it with us in the comments section.