5 Everyday Fashion Tips to Improve Your Style

Fashion changes so quickly that what is popular one year may very well be unpopular the following year. This isn’t news to anyone. Fashion has always been about the latest or hottest trends, and it is largely influenced by the celebrities and models we see in movies and television.

But this doesn’t change the fact that many of us find fashion tremendously appealing. It provides us with a sense of personal style, and we often turn to it as a means of gaining confidence and boosting self-esteem. If you are passionate about fashion as much as we are, then you may want to check out some of the excellent articles Write Zillas has, or you may want to ask this excellent writing site to provide you with a researched, custom-written piece on personal style.

This article introduces you to some tried and true fashion tips you can apply to improve your style:

  • Don’t Rely on Safe Choices – Take a Few Risks

A lot of people will go through life, staying on the safe wide when making personal and professional choices. This happens a lot more with personal fashion. We find a favorite pair of jeans and wear them thin. We have favorite sweatshirts or hoodies and wear them for just about every errand we run throughout the week. These safe choices bring about a sense of comfort, but in order to improve your personal style, you need to take a few calculated risks.

Taking a risk with fashion will get you noticed and will help keep things excited. But you don’t need to go overboard. Start simple by emulating some style choices from others that you admire.

  • Add Some Interesting Accessories to Attire

Shoes. Ties. Watches. These are the classic accessory pieces that can really create a sense of personal style. You need variety. Different colors. Different shapes. Different styles. Don’t settle on wearing the same pair of sneakers or loafers because they are comfortable and seem to go with everything. They may very well be comfortable, but they certainly DO NOT go with everything. Accessories can give your classic looks and main attire, a lot of variety. So make sure to invest in accessories that expand your wardrobe.

  • Focus on the Timeless Classic Looks First

This may seem a little contradictory to the first tip in this article (taking risks). It’s not. Timeless looks are classic for a reason: they work, and they look great. The classic white t-Shirt and black slacks with a motorcycle jacket. This is bordering on James Dean and Steve McQueen – both iconic and timeless. Avoid trendy styles that go out of fashion quickly. Stick to well-fitting classic looks you can build on and make your own with the right accessories.

  • Don’t Buy or Keep an Item that Doesn’t Fit

Let’s discuss the topic of fit. Most people shop off the rack or online without fully understanding their proper fit. While you don’t need to pay an expensive tailor to take your measurements, it’s good to know what these measurements. Do them at home using a measuring tape and downloading a guide from the web. Carry this around with you and keep this in mind when shopping. Another trick is that when you find a piece of clothing that fits really well, buy a second piece.

  • Proactively Search for Unknown Brands

Most of us cannot afford really expensive name brands. As such, we need to rely on lesser-known brands. This is perfectly fine. There are a lot of great looks being created by brands you don’t see or hear about too often. There are now several fashion and style companies that will curate different looks custom-picked for their subscribers. Most of these companies focus on unknown brands to keep their costs low. Get introduced to some new clothing options by subscribing, even temporarily, to a professional stylist company.

Final thoughts

Don’t be afraid to be a risk-taker. You don’t have to turn heads with anything garish or distracting; stick to some of the classics and always opt for something that keeps you comfortable in your skin. While you want to move from those so-called “safe choices,” you shouldn’t do so at the expense of your personality. Buy accessories and accent pieces and try different combinations to give your style some energy. Don’t let your wardrobe overrun your choices with clothing pieces that no longer fit, and don’t be afraid to search for and incorporate some unknown or up-and-coming brands.