4 Nifty Ways To Customize Your Art Work

There’s a saying that goes- whoever works with his hands, his mind, and his heart is an artist. Art knows no rules; you can become an artist whether you’ve acquired education from a world-renowned university or you’ve been dabbling with colors in your room. Similarly, art doesn’t have to be confined to a canvas to be admired. If anything, getting creative with how you display your art can make you an even better artist. That said, finding creative ways to experiment with your art can be a bit tricky. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled these 4 nifty ways through which you can customize your artwork. Let’s get started!

Laser-Cut Your Creations

If you’re more of a vintage artist, you’ll find greater pleasure in crafting your art into wood. However, you don’t have to start the woodworking ladder from the first step to create wooden art; you can simply laser-cut your designs into wooden pieces. You can also look through DIY projects to get more inspiration. You’ll realize that you can even combine laser cutting with handmade coloring patterns to breathe more life into your art. 

Turn Art into Wearables

Every artist loves to show off their art – and what better way to show it off than to wear it around? There is a myriad of ways to turn artwork into wearables, such as printing on fabric and stickers, creating embroidered patches, crafting enamel pins, and many other ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Tshirts, Hoodies, and Apparel

There’s nothing to make a statement like wearing your own art on your shirt. If you just want to express yourself by printing your art on your clothes, then the process is fairly simple. You’ll make the design and find a printing outlet to print the design on the shirt, hoodie, or apparel of your choice. However, if you’re looking to start an apparel designing business, you’ll have more factors to consider. You’ll need to ensure your designs are attractive enough to be bought and that the sizes can be customized as well. 


Stickers are even simpler to create than apparel. They can be made using any design and you won’t have to worry about their size, color composition, or any other technicalities. 

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches require a certain level of skill. Moreover, you won’t be able to add a lot of details or colors to the patch, which can limit your creativity. However, you can still create magnificent results by sticking to simple designs. 

Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are among the most popular wearables nowadays; they can be used on anything and anywhere. You can also add a lot of details to the enamel pin, though it’s better to stick to a few colors and stay away from adding text. Since the pin is around 1” in height, you won’t be able to add too much text. 

Other Accessories

Most printing services will offer you other services as well. You’ll be able to print your designs on bags, laptop covers, coffee mugs, phone cases, and other items. 

Create a Custom Playmat

There’s just something majestic about playing on a custom playmat that holds your very own design, image, pattern, or art in general. Whether you’re playing with your friends at home or gaming together on your PCs, you’ll never get bored of looking at your creation! Moreover, the avid gamers at yourplaymat.com/ point out that a custom playmat is not only cool, but it’s necessary as well. If you want to protect your gear or keep your cards clean and safe, custom playmats are a must. 


3D-Print Your Art

3D-printing has opened a whole world of possibilities for everyone, and artists were among the first to realize the reckoning revolution. 3D-printing works in a similar way to printing; you create your design and find a printing service provider to print your creation. The difference is that you’ll have to create your design using specific programs in a 3-dimensional format, and the service provider uses a 3D-printer rather than a normal one. You can also use a 3D-scanner to scan a real-life object and turn it into a design. Using this technology, there will be no limit to your creativity. 

Artists will always keep looking for more creative and innovative ways to showcase their creations. While there is a myriad of ways to express yourself, some ways are certainly more appealing than others. If you’re looking for inspiring ways through which you can spice up your artwork, you can try printing your designs on wearables, create a custom playmat, laser-cut your creations, or 3D-print your art.