15 Awesome Accessories Every Stoner Needs In Their Life

Many states in the U.S. are legalizing recreational marijuana, which means many cannabis users are looking for ways to smoke up in style. As a cannabis aficionado, there are some must-have items you need in your life, like a joint rolling machine and an electric weed grinder. There are even ways to get free stoner stuff if you know where to look.

Here is a list of the top 15 essential accessories for any cannabis lover or casual smoker.

Electric Weed Grinder

Forget sore wrists from manual grinding. An electric weed grinder has got you covered! Enjoy finely shredded weed wherever you are. Fantastic for smooth smoking and easy rolling.

Multiple Joint Holder

A joint holder with five holders is ideal for when you want to smoke multiple joints or are smoking up with your buddies.

Joint Rolling Machine

For those who don’t like wasting time rolling joints, a joint rolling machine is perfect for you.

iPhone Case With A Secret Joint Storing Compartment

Want easy access to your joints and bud? Owner of an iPhone? Consider buying an iPhone case with a secret compartment that holds your bud stash.

Personal Air Filter

This exciting device enables you to smoke up using carbon fibers, basically making it your personal mini air filter.

Giant Rolling Papers

Made purely of rice, these are the most prominent rolling papers you’ve ever seen, standing at a whopping 30 cm.

Glowing Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are an essential accessory to roll and pack your smokes, and they keep your stash all in one spot. But imagine a rolling tray that has led lights and lights up in the dark!

Three Chambered Grinder

A weed grinder helps your bud break down properly and lets you pack it into any bowl, blunt, or joint. Grinders with three chambers are great as you can grind your bud super finely, which makes your smoking experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Rolling Papers And Blunt Wraps

Rolling papers and blunt wraps complete your smoking collection. Luckily, most smoking subscription boxes include these essential items. It’s always nice to have an option of having both standard blunt wraps and flavored blunt wraps, so you can pick and choose as you like.

Bong Cleaners And Brushes

It’s so much nicer smoking out of a sparkly clean bong than a dirty one. Also, having a clean bong will ultimately enhance your overall smoking experience.

Bamboo Packing Stick

Easy to use and convenient, instead of hurrying to find a pen or pencil while packing your bud, use a unique and cool-looking bamboo packing stick.

Torch Lighter

A torch lighter is more powerful and produces much more heat and flame than a regular lighter. They are also quite effective at burning through potent concentrates.

Joint Filter Tips

Joint filters are easy to use, cool down your smoke for a better and smoother smoking experience, and are simple to insert into your joint.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about all the must-have cannabis accessories and 420 themed things you ought to buy. Don’t forget to go check out cannabis specialty websites for a chance to get free stoner stuff!