Winter Wear to Keep Your Toddler Warm

The snow falling and the temperatures reaching freezing levels (or below), don’t mean you and your toddler get to stay inside until spring. You still have places to go and things to do and your toddler is probably fascinated by the fluffy white stuff. Satisfy her curiosity and keep her warm with the right toddler girl accessories.

Whether you are venturing outside for a few brief moments to get from the house to the car or spending some time soaking in the winter sun and getting some fresh air, make sure your toddler has the right items to keep her warm. Below are some of the things you’ll need to accomplish that task.


One of the most important winter accessories that your toddler will need is a hat. This will ensure that she stays warm and keep her ears from turning pink – as well as reduce the chances of them hurting because of cold air.

When it comes to toddler girl accessories and finding the right hat, you can get something cute, such as a knitted bunny hat with floppy ears, or you can get matching hats. Nothing says adorable like mom and daughter having the same hat.

If your daughter is into sparkles and pompoms, there’s a hat that will fit her needs. If she is a bit more fashionable and sophisticated, you can also get her a beret with pearls. Finding a hat that your toddler enjoys and is excited to wear will ensure that she keeps it on to venture outside.


In addition to keeping your toddler’s head and ears warm, you also want to make sure that her fingers are protected. She will be fascinated by the snow, and she’ll probably stick her hands into the cold whiteness out of curiosity. If she isn’t wearing gloves, this could lead to frostbite.

There are a variety of different options when it comes to keeping your child’s fingers warm and protected. Mittens are a great choice and will keep your child’s hands toasty. If she wants a little more freedom to be able to grab objects, then getting gloves with fingers is a good idea. Should the weather warm up a bit, you can also get her half-finger gloves to enjoy the outdoors on a whole new level.

Each of these gloves comes in a different color and style. Some have animal designs or other designs on them that are sure to please your daughter and keep her protected while exploring the winter world outside.


It may be winter, but your toddler wants to look good. With so many holidays that occur this time of the year, she will still need to dress fancy and look her best. Make sure she stays warm by adding a pair of tights to her ensemble.

Not only do these toddler girl accessories keep her warm, but they can also be adorable. When you get an animal print tights, your child will want to wear them wherever she goes so that she can show them off. The tights will draw attention but also keep her warm when venturing through the winter wonderland.

Winter may be here, but that doesn’t mean that the excitement should stop. Make sure that you are keeping your toddler warm by bundling her in the right accessories. From hats to gloves to tights, there are many adorable options that will make your child excited and looking good throughout the season.