Why Should You Avoid Taking RV Consignment Service?

Trying to sell a Motorhome might be a lengthy process. You must register it, think about “who will value my rv?” and respond to all queries, the majority of those will be rubber kickers. If your Motorhome isn’t parked at your house, you may have to travel to exhibit it.

Joining a Motorhome consignment service is handy since it takes care of a bunch of the paperwork and countless email answers for clients. Here are several things to consider before handing over the business to somebody else.

What is RV consignment?

A consignment contract is a contract between two entities in which items, in this example, your Motorhome, are left mostly in control of a 3rd party, most commonly an RV seller. The 3rd party is accountable for attempting to auction your Motorhome for an agreed-upon amount over a certain time frame. You pay the foreign entity a fee for their assistance once you’ve sold.

Consignment is commonly found at retail establishments like as clothes stores. Vehicle consignment is lawful and safe if done correctly by a trustworthy vendor.

Reasons to avoid RV consignment services

Nevertheless, there are certain disadvantages to selling an RV on contract. You should thoroughly evaluate these before getting into an agreement to trade your Motorhome. Here’s the unappealing aspect of RV reselling.


After all, the goal of trading something is to generate revenue. You can not get the full valuation of your Motorhome if you put it on sale. The disadvantage of utilizing an RV selling company is like the disadvantage of hiring a distributor. Companies will take nearly 10% of the overall selling price, which can be substantial based on the sort of Motorhome you are trading and its condition.

The consignment firm will function as your agent, handling inquiries, setting up schedules to display or road test your Motorhome, or they might even store it on the property when you await for the appropriate buyer to appear, just for a fee.

Security and scammers

Another issue to be concerned about with consignment deals is safety and the possibility of fraudsters taking advantage of you by unskilled or inexperienced consignment workers. Your RV may not receive the same degree of care and protection if that is stored on an auction lot since it might be at your house or in a secured storage facility.

Lithium cells, solar cells, satellite antenna, and electrical spike protectors, for example, might be taken from underground or pulled directly off the car without notice. Furthermore, the exterior of your Motorhome might be defaced with graffiti or destroyed for fun, which is quite expensive to repair.

Fraudsters are often a source of concern. Fraudsters may pose as wealthy individuals who are completely capable of acquiring your Motorhome. They may claim that no funding is required because they will spend for the total order with a cash deposit, though not all cashier’s checks are genuine, as well as if you really are hanging by with a false check in your grip and so they are speeding away in your Motorhome with the label in their bag, you might be in a challenging situation.


Whilst your Motorhome is in the custody of a 3rd party, this is quite doubtful that your coverage will protect you.

The seller reselling your RV most likely has a fenced-in yard with cctv, and the Vehicle might be housed indoors, but accidents can happen. For example, a fire might left you without no Motorhome and no compensation. If you want to trade this method, you must be eligible to obtain consignment coverage, but that will be a different plan.

The vendor will have its own protection, but be aware of anyone who claims that their coverage will protect your stuff. Because we seldom use coverage, this is usually a headache to pay for, but the danger isn’t fair the possible loss.

Final thoughts

If you really are happy with the expense of a contract, trading your RV seems to be a huge choice that is usually left to experts. Your endurance and the value you place on your effort has to be evaluated. Well with RV industry being so popular right now, trying to sell a Motorhome has to be a piece of cake.