Why Every Outdoor Person Needs a Military Watch

Ever since they were introduced in WWI, military wristwatches have become a trend in the arsenal of all vintage enthusiasts. They have risen in popularity over the years to the point where watch collectors are now obsessively seeking them out. Because they are highly functional and durable, they can offer many benefits to anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. It’s important to know what to look for in a military watch since different models have different specs. If you’re not sure whether or not you should get a military watch, here are a couple of reasons why it will be the perfect accessory for your outdoor adventures.


Military watches are designed to be durable by default. Although they look and feel heavy, this is actually a benefit if you’re looking for a quality watch that combines modern technology and a durable casing, preferably one that is made from stainless steel and has a light-absorbing finish. If you don’t like stainless steel, you can get one with a ceratanium case, a material that also combines lightweight durability and scratch-resistance. Make sure to look for a high-quality material with a sturdy and utilitarian design, especially if you’re planning on using this watch while you’re outside.

Solar-Powered Capabilities

Replacing a watch’s battery can be a bit of a hassle, especially when your watch doesn’t have a large battery and the tiny power cell is hidden within the watch. To avoid this problem, the folks at https://staging-theusmarines.kinsta.cloud/reviews/best-tactical-watches/ recommend that you swap your old watch for a military solar-powered one, as the latter requires no battery replacements. It will run for months, even forever, without needing to be recharged. Solar batteries can charge in both natural and artificial light, which makes them even more convenient. Most solar-powered watches also come with handy features like a triple sensor, for example, which will help you measure altitude and atmospheric pressure to a highly accurate degree.

Vintage Aesthetic

Most watch collectors buy military watches as part of their vintage aesthetic. If that’s what you’re looking for in a watch, then you’ll find an array of watches with vintage-style materials like brown leather straps or vintage acrylic crystal, which can be better than other glass, like mineral glass or sapphire. The leather strap should be of an agreeable color and match the patina and the overall unpolished case. If you’re planning on using this watch while working, darker designs that don’t reflect light or draw attention will be the best choice. Make sure to choose nylon or rubber material so you can wear it outdoors, and make sure that your watch sports colored dials to add a touch of character.

Water- and Shock-Resistance

You can easily find watches that are waterproof and shock-resistant, but it’s military watches that really shine in this regard. The stainless-steel material of military watches is water-resistant up to 300 meters, which is why you’ll find many swimmers and surfers who wear military watches. Some designs come with a double-security gasket crown, which offers even more security against water. Even if you’re a land-based athlete, you’ll find these types of watches highly beneficial on rainy days. When it comes to shock resistance, you’ll find slight variations, but most military watches offer resistance against electrical shocks, altitude pressure, and low temperatures, making them the ideal wristwear to complement your tactical wear.


Nowadays, you can find compasses within arms reach or even in your smartphone but having one wrapped around your wrist can be highly convenient for those who use a compass on a regular basis. The 3-axis electronic compass will certainly help you not to lose your way. Some models come with navigation and tracking functionalities as well as a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure and predict any changes in the weather.

Military Watch


Military watches are convenient because they are always on your wrist and can be used practically anywhere without you having to worry about them being water-damaged. Because these watches are multi-functional, people who use military watches can make use of their thermometer, barometer, altimeter, and Bluetooth functions. Whether you’re preparing for a search-and-rescue mission or on a military recon, a military watch will be an indispensable part of your military arsenal.

There is a large number of brands that label their watches as “military” simply because they have the vintage appeal of military watches. If you’re looking for a military watch just for that appeal, you won’t have to worry about other functions. However, if you’re looking for a reliable military watch, make sure that it has all the features you need. Your watch must also adhere to the ISO standards to ensure that it has the minimum requirements for water and shock resistance. Keep an eye on that and you are sure to find the perfect watch.