Which Material Is The Best For Men’s Designer T-Shirts & Tops?

There are countless fabrics available for men’s designer T-shirts – depending on what they’re needed for – cotton, ringspun, polyester t-shirts, and so on. Most people are shocked to learn that while purchasing designer clothes, the variety of fabrics available is not even taken into account.
As a rule, producers provide materials for summer t-shirts, materials for casual wear, and materials that function differently depending on the type of print chosen. While certain fabrics are suggested for a particular use, others are chosen for budgetary or practical considerations.

What is the best material to use when customizing shirts?

Unquestionably, cotton is the most widely used fabric for custom men’s designer t shirts. But did you know that there are various cotton varieties to pick from? Pre-shrunk cotton, cotton that has been ringspun or spun, and other less well-known varieties are some of the most popular. Hybrid textiles are also available; these are made of various blended materials, such as cotton and polyester.

The vast majority of materials offer several benefits, but you should constantly consider your budget and the materials’ functionality. The benefits of the most popular materials for men’s designer tops and t-shirts are listed below.

Ringspun cotton

Clothes made of this type of fabric are made of light and clean cotton. Ring-spun T-shirts and tops offer a more durable and delicate finish for the user. Such a garment will last longer since its fibres are stronger. Also, ringspun cotton is perfect for anyone looking for high-quality materials and fashion.

Polyester cotton

To begin with, sweat removal and evaporation are made easier by absorbent cloth. It is more resilient and robust than cotton. Finally, it is ideal for training and athletic events.

Polyester & cotton blend

This mix increases the garment’s resilience. Stains won’t be as visible as they would be on a T-shirt made entirely of cotton. In addition, this combination is frequently more resilient and softer than other materials. You can choose from a range of styles, colours, and forms for these types of textiles, including organic cotton shirts, cotton and elastane shirts, and polyester shirts, among others. This is a wonderful option in terms of quality and affordability!

Pre-shred cotton

Buyers can be confident that this kind of cotton won’t shrink when washed. It has a larger grammage, is thicker, and weighs more. It costs less than other varieties of cotton fabrics and is ideal for anyone on a strict budget.

How to choose the material based on the printing technique

The sort of print chosen is one of the factors to take into account while choosing the correct material, according to the printing process. It’s essential to keep in mind the following:

  1. The fabrics of the custom T-shirts must be made of polyester in order to use textile sublimation.
  2. Shirts and tops must include at least 80% cotton to be suitable for DTG (Digital Textile Printing).
  3. Custom T-shirts manufactured with cut and transfer vinyl need to be made with materials that can withstand 180.
  4. The fabric type can withstand screen printing.
  5. Custom embroidery can be done to any kind of fabric. However, for the best results, we always advise that the fabric is of a good weight.

It is therefore advised to take your time when choosing the fabric type that best meets your requirements and will ensure that you get the most use out of your customised T-shirts for many years.