What You Should Know About Smartwatches

Technology has advanced relentlessly in recent years. Memory chips have become smaller and smaller, so that even modestly sized gadgets can have powerful capacities. Smart technology has entered the market, partially thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence). This includes smart cars, advanced thermostats, smart televisions and smartphones.

Smartwatches are fascinating devices, combining a fashionable appearance with a range of different functions. People are actively buying Apple watches to go with their Iphones, or Wear OS devices for their Android phones. These devices operate alongside a person’s smartphone to provide exciting new options. But what is all the fuss about, and is it worth buying one? Let’s find out now.

The Cost

Many mainstream smartwatches cost between $200 and $500. They can be considerably more, however, especially if they are designer brands or they include gold or precious stones. Some people may find this puts such products out of their budget. In reality it is possible to buy an under $100 smartwatch that may be perfectly adequate for someone who has basic requirements. People simply need to know what they will use it for, be it for health, organisation or sports purposes.

Fortunately there are sites on the internet that set out expert recommendations, so people can compare different models side by side. People can look for such things as a camera, Google voice assistance or a SIM card slot. Some smartphones will last for up to five years, depending on the quality of the product.

Battery Life

This could be anything from 18 hours to three days. People who purchase a hiker’s smartphone (or who use an ordinary one for this purpose) will certainly be interested in the battery life.

The less exciting the display is, the longer the battery will last. Many people love the touchscreen function or the richness of colour provided with LCD screens, but they can drain the battery capacity. So can the presence of voice responsive software. If a person is content with a black and white display screen, this will last longer.

Smartphones And Water

The water resistance of a product may vary greatly. Some brands will be splash proof, whilst others can survive being submerged underwater.

Special diving smartwatches are designed to cope with being under the sea for up to 50 metres. There may be built-in applications to tell you the water depth and time remaining. Even temperature readings may be available.

Smartphones And Outdoor Activities

In addition to having a long battery life, things such as GPS tracking and weather app’s may also be beneficial. There are special hikers’ watches people can buy, featuring these benefits, housed within a rugged exterior.

Sports’ fans can also harness such functions as distance tracking for running or swimming. Be it for cycling or climbing, people may find a smartphone the perfect alternative to using fitness trackers and pedometers.

Media Management 

If a smartphone has more than 4GB storage space (some have 32GB), there will be room enough to keep such things as podcasts, audio books or music. 

A person can use their Apple AirPods, using the media playback facility. Such things as track selection and volume can be adjusted from the device. 

Life Management

Some inbuilt applications will monitor a person’s heart rates and blood pressure. They may also measure the quality of a person’s sleep. When such things as health, diet and exercise come together it can be a holistic form of self-management. 

Self-organisation also goes up a notch when someone puts their scheduling into the smartphone, receiving regular reminders and event notifications. 

Not All Have Speakers

If a smartphone has a speaker and microphone, there is scope for making and taking phone calls. A person can reply to text or email messages in word form or by using voice assistance software. Without the speaker facilities, a person could be notified about text and email messages using the vibrate function. 

Interestingly, someone travelling in a car can be guided to their destination using the latest Apple watches. The vibrations will indicate whether they should turn left or right, without the need to take their eyes off the road. 

Phone Brands And Smartwatches

If someone uses an Apple Smartwatch for an Iphone there will be a 100% compatibility. Some non-Apple watches can be used with an Iphone but they may have limited functionality. Apple Smartwatches will not work with Android phones.

smart watch wrist

Not only do Smartwatches reflect the functions of a smartphone, they enhance and extend it. This explains the continued popularity of these innovative products.