What You Should Know About Blue Light Lenses

We’ve all been hearing about blue light and its long-term ‘harmful’ effects. Concerned eye doctors and researches have been talking about this matter for a while now, especially with the rise of technology in our world. Here’s what you should know though, blue light has always been around us, and in small doses, it doesn’t pose any kind of danger for humanity. However, because our exposure to blue light has significantly increased during the past few years, it’s starting to affect us negatively. This is why some glasses wearers decide to install blue light lenses instead of the regular ones so that they can shield themselves from the light and enjoy the benefits that come as a result of doing so.

Protects Your Eyes

As mentioned above, prolonged exposure to blue light isn’t exactly the best thing for our eyesight, but why is this the case? To put it simply, the retina absorbs the blue light that comes its way, which is why it can be damaging when your eye receives too much of it. It can also cause dry eyes, which can lead to eyestrain. For these reasons and so many more, people choose to buy lenses that will protect them from these kinds of damaging effects. That doesn’t mean that people with these lenses should sit for a long time in front of their devices, however, but it does mean that, when they do, the lenses will be blocking some of the harmful light that would usually be absorbed.

Better Cognitive Performance

Sometimes we forget that the more restful our sleep is, the better our performance will be the day after. Not only that, but we’ll also be less grumpy in the morning; shocking news, right? This is especially true for adults because they often try to “catch up” on sleep at the weekend and that doesn’t really help. It only leaves them tired, forgetful, inactive, constantly fatigued, and suffering from moodiness. If you feel like you’re beginning to display some of these symptoms then it’s best that you invest in a pair of blue lenses before things get out of control.

Better Sleep

If you have sleeping problems such as insomnia, then you’ve probably had a doctor advise you to stay away from your phone or laptop when you’re trying to sleep. Our devices can distract us from sleeping, true, but they also emit blue light that disrupts our sleeping cycle. This results in either a lack of sleep or poor sleep quality. The specialists from blockbluelight.co.nz explain that the natural blue light helps us be alert and awake in the morning, so when we’re exposed to the same light at night, our brain thinks it’s morning time and tries to stay awake.

Don’t Affect Your Vision

There are various types of blue lenses; there are transparent ones and ones with an amber hue. A lot of people feel hesitant about purchasing the latter because they think that it’ll make everything around them seem darker. This, however, is far from the truth. In fact, research proves that amber lenses shield the retina from blue light better than the transparent ones do. Also, you don’t have to wear them all the time, you can use them when you’re about to work, spend a long time on your phone, browse social media, read online, or watch tv. When you’re done with blue light-related activities, you can take them off.

Reset Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is like our inner clock; it helps the body know when it should be awake and when it should relax. This rhythm alone regulates so many things in our bodies, however, it’s also negatively affected because of increased blue light exposure. Disturbing this rhythm can lead to disrupted metabolism, irregular regulation of cholesterol, and low blood sugar. It can also cause different neurodegenerative illnesses and can negatively influence mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and depression. Blocking blue light can help reset your circadian rhythm so that you can avoid all of these harmful consequences.

Some of us underestimate the importance of blue lenses because we think that they’re not effective. One of the many things that can help us get a clear picture of the situation is to observe the kinds of consequences that we’ll have to deal with when we’re without glasses that can block harmful light rays. Remember that investing in a pair of these blue light blocking lenses can help you protect your eyesight, get better sleep, have better cognitive performance, and finally, reset your circadian rhythm.