What You Need to Know before buying a Fur Coat

Fur is undeniably one of the most popular materials in the fashion world. It makes winter clothing have a sense of style while providing warmth. Over the years, the industry has developed various ideas on how to incorporate fur into our everyday lives. From purses to clothes, it has been already dominating since the early ages.

Fur coats are probably the favorite among women in the industry. It is comfortable to wear, sophisticated, and timeless. With the trend continuously changing each year, it could be the easiest item to style in your wardrobe.

Different Kinds of Fur

Do you know that fur has different types? It depends on which skin is used in the making of the coat. There are also specific features each type has and it is essential to know which one fits your style best.

  • Chinchilla: Considered as one of the most luxurious materials for coats all over the world. It is extremely soft and usually has an even color which makes it a great material for garments. The color usually ranges from grey to slate blue.
  • Coyote: Coats made from coyote fur are great for very creamy and dense. It usually comes in a grey or tan color and is a common choice among men due to their masculine appearance.
  • Ermine: A type of weasel and its skin is generally white with black ends. This fur is very silky to touch. It is popular in the early 1900s and can be seen in the portraits of royals in Western Europe.
  • Fox: Fox skin has one of the widest variety of colors among furs. It is thick, long, but at the same time, very soft, and comfortable to wear. It can be dyed with different colors such as silver, red, white, and blue.
  • Lamb: The natural colors of lamb fur are brown, grey, and black. They can also be dyed in different colors. They are usually long and silky or curly. The type of Lamb fur also differs in color and texture depending on which area of the world it came from.
  • Mink: Probably the most popular among furs. It is soft and lightweight despite its size which makes it a great material for bigger garments. It can be sheared for different clothes like sportswear and casual attires.
  • Opossum: There are two types of opossum fur coming from two different regions: America, and Australia. American opossums have long hairs with silvery-black tips while Australian opossums have soft and dense fur with yellow to brown colors.
  • Sable: Sable fur is lightweight and silky. It is the most expensive among furs due to its very rare production. It also has a natural shiny appearance.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fur Coat

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fur Coat

  • Quality

Quality fur coats can last for as long as 60 years if properly taken care of, and that is why they cost that much. It can also be a good investment that can keep you warm every winter so you won’t have to buy another one each year. Fur coats made with low-quality material can shed after a considerable amount of time easily and will mostly not last as long.

  • Durability

Choosing a fur that is not only durable but can also withstand extreme temperatures is likely to be the most preferred choice. It can last long, but it can also be easy to break if not maintained well. So buying both the fur coats and fur storage will ensure that your coat will be useful even after years of owning. Similar to other things, fur coats need to be stored in their appropriate place to maintain the material.

  • Style

Every fur coat is special. They have different styles that match different types of people. It is important to find your style first to avoid regretting it in the long run. There is a wide variety you can choose from and take your time choosing which one feels like you and will serve as an extension of your skin.

  • Fur Type

Furs have different textures. It is impossible not to find anything that matches your preferences. From colors to the length and fluffiness of the fur, there are many options. You can also find it in every design. Also, make sure that you are not allergic to any particular animal before purchasing a fur coat to avoid later problems.

Furs are very useful for chilly seasons. It is proof that you don’t have to compromise your fashion just to be comfortable. Finding the best coat with your preferred fur will be your best friend during the coldest nights of your life.