What to Wear to Your Best Friend’s Wedding Party

Being invited to a wedding means a lot. It means that you are part of the couple’s lives, and they want to share with you a part of their life journey.

Being invited, and being the best friend, is another thing. There’s pressure on how you will look and dress up for the wedding because let’s face it, after the husband or wife, the next thing that the people eye on is the bridesmaid and the best man.

Basic Outfit Rules For A Wedding

So you’re the best friend, but you are clueless about everything that is wedding outfits? What’s important to know is some basic wedding dress courtesy.

Know The Wedding Theme

Knowing the perfect wedding outfit to wear as a guest, especially at your best friend’s wedding, starts with knowing what their wedding’s theme is all about. If there is a dress code specified, it will be a lot easier for you to know which kind of wedding guest dresses to wear to match the wedding’s theme. One golden rule is to not be overly flashy as to not outshine the bride. Obviously, it is time for her and her groom to shine.

Avoid excessive designs and accessories. Keep your outfit and accessories minimal. It is always advisable to just carry a small pouch at a wedding.

Sometimes, the dress code is not specified, and that’s where the challenge is.

Knowing where the wedding will take place will give you an idea of what to wear. Is it an evening wedding or a day-time wedding? Is it in a church? Is it formal or a semi-formal event? Knowing these basics will give you an idea of what to put on.

Do Not Wear White

Although bridesmaids wearing white are pretty much a thing now, unless it is advised, it is still a no-no to wear for wedding guests. Again, do not risk stealing the spotlight and upset the bride.

Wear Functional Footwear

Depending on where the wedding location is, match it with your footwear. Flats are better on uneven grounds such as the beach. You should also consider if there should be a need for a trek going to the reception, and it rains.

Be Stylish But Keep It Understated

Remember, your role is to support your best friend and her groom, and/or the couple, celebrate with them, and definitely do not steal the show. It is always best to keep your outfit stylish but minimal.

Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

So what do you wear? That’s actually the first thing that comes to almost everyone’s mind when receiving a wedding invite. If you and your group of friends are also invited to the wedding, it would be nice to coordinate with each other and share wedding outfit ideas, but what if you have to do it alone? Here are some suggestions:

  • Maxi gown – the perfect option for evening weddings
  • Wear something red, forest green, or blue. They are better than beige
  • Go for the more formal wedding outfits (maxi gown, covered mini dress, long sleeve floral print). These are excellent options.
  • Use small hair accessories
  • Wear a high neckline or V neckline
  • A long-sleeve gown is best for attending religious weddings.

Here are some beautiful wedding outfit ideas that you could pull off:

  • Pastel-colored dress – Perfect during summer and spring
  • Short dress in bottle-green – it’s a gorgeous wedding color that will give you a glow without outshining the bride. With the right shoes, accessories, and purse, it will elevate your style even more.
  • Two-pieces dresses – pantsuits, crop tops, and peplum skirts are becoming favorites of women and great choices.
  • Floral and sheer outfit – perfect for beach weddings
  • Embellished chiffon gown – achieve that glam look with embellishments and diamante details
  • Bohemian outfit – perfect for vintage themed weddings or if you just want to look classy
  • Off-shoulder lace dress – you can go for pastel colors or muted undertones.

How To Be A Stylish Wedding Best Friend/Guest?

How To Be A Stylish Wedding Best Friend/Guest?

Now that you know the basics, this may cross your mind, and you might want to ask yourself, how will you be the most stylish wedding best friend/guest?

Here are some style inspirations while ensuring that you are still on a budget:


Any outfit will be better with accessories. Any outfit will be enhanced by accessories whether a necklace, a pair of earrings, or even a perfect pair of shoes. They will all make a difference. However, it is important to wear appropriate accessories. Wearing classy and understated accessories will always be a good choice. Better choose accessories that are not too loud. Avoid oversized flower crowns, accessories with unnecessary or distracting and glaring printed designs.

For wedding guest bags, you can opt for a small, decorative, and handheld one, but at the same time, a conversation starter. You may choose vintage-looking bags or search for plenty of new designs online. Also, I suggest choosing a neutral white, cream, or metallic as colors to keep it low-key.

For wedding shoes, white, nude, and metallics will always be safe choices but if you are a little adventurous, you may try some colorful satin pair.

For hair accessories, the more classy, or the more princess-like, you wear, the better. It’s all about the headbands, the hair clips, and the barrettes.


Do you want to look stylish and different? Suit up! Yes, you read that right. One way to experiment with your style and look different is to wear a suit. It’s a fashion trend for women that is on the rise. You can really experiment on it because there are a lot of colors, fabrics, styles, and palettes to choose from.

It is also cost-efficient because it does not limit you. You could not only use it at a wedding, but you could also wear it on many occasions, and it is easy to keep.

Keep It Classy

Timeless pieces are not only very much a great pick for a wedding, but it is also something flexible that you can wear on many other occasions.

Keep It Comfortable

It’s all about being able to move around comfortably with your clothes and accessories and supporting the couple for their big day.

Gone are the days that all of the guests wear matching outfits; where you see them wearing the same kind of dresses and suits, but it is still important that your outfit matches the wedding’s theme. You want to do all these things while feeling confident and in style.