What To Look For in a Dark Green Dress

Dark green: It’s the color of emeralds, jade, evergreen forests, matcha lattes, and luscious plants. You probably enjoy the multi-layered color in some part of your daily life, from massaging your face with your jade gua sha stone, trailing through flourishing forests and gardens (perfect photoshoot locations), watering your collection (ahem, family) of plants, drinking matcha lattes, or wearing dark green in jewel form (okay, well, a person can dream).

But more than just wearing it around your neck or drinking it, there is another use for the color. If you want to truly pull all eyes to you, dark green is the perfect color for a dress. It’s a dazzling and captivating shade that carries deeper messages of peace, balance, energy, and life. When you wear a dark green dress, you exhibit these calming messages and unconsciously start to carry yourself with confidence worthy of the spotlight the color receives.

Picture yourself showing up to the party in a gown of deep, mystical green. You’re attention-grabbing, mysterious, and elusive. Everyone wants to know who you are and what your story is. There’s some kind of quality about you they can’t quite put their fingers on—and you’re not telling. We’re in love with gorgeous green, and if you want to live out your belle of the ball fantasy—at any event, even in a casual green mini dress—these are the features you should look for in a dark green dress.

Sustainably Made

The most important feature to any piece of clothing, no matter the color, is that it’s sustainably made and has a positive impact on the environment. Fast fashion follows unsustainable practices that result in waste, toxins, and pollution; often these production companies exploit their workers with unsafe working conditions and unfair pay in order to create as many garments as possible in short turnaround times. But when you shop sustainable fashion, you can rest easy that your purchase has a positive impact both environmentally and socially.

All of Reformation’s dresses are created with sustainability, which is at the forefront of their mission. You can shop any of their collections without worrying, but here are a few dark green dresses we love that fit this feature of being sustainable.

The Nadira Dress

Talk about being green (in both senses of the word). The Nadira Dress in Coriander is composed of viscose material made from the wood pulp of sustainably managed forests, which Reformation monitors through their partnership with the non-profit Canopy.

The Farrah Dress

It’s all about recycling, which this dress understands. The stretch polyester material making up the majority of this dress is obtained from recycled plastic bottles, because single use plastics have no place in a sustainable future. Reusing those plastics so they come back as a dress, though, is something we can get behind.

A Rich Shade of Green

There’s a reason why we’re talking about dark green specifically. Every shade of green has its beauty, but there’s nothing quite like the deep jewel-tone allure of a rich emerald hue. When choosing a dark green dress, you can’t go wrong with a saturated shade of the color.

The Lissa Dress

The Lissa Dress in Forest oozes elegance. Even if you wear it to a backyard barbeque, you’ll still be channeling power and sophistication. There’s something about forest green that boosts a person’s confidence. Maybe that’s why the emerald hue works for even the most glamorous occasion.

Patterned to the Nines

It’s always pattern time, no matter the event. Dark green happens to look particularly striking when added to a bold pattern, which makes it the perfect combination to search for when shopping.

The Stevi Dress

Bring on the details! It’s the bolder the better when it comes to a strong color. Dark green was meant to be noticed, so your pattern can be as loud as you want and still suit the shade. The Stevi Dress’s Mosaic print is a perfect mixture of strong but dainty, drawing the eye but remaining subtle from a distance. The closer you get, the more you see the beauty of the pattern—just like with you.

Comfortable for Everyday Wear

Lastly, but certainly not least, dresses of every color should be comfortable enough for everyday wear. That’s not to say you won’t take that piece from casual grocery shopping to formal dinnerware in the span of a few hours (and look great in both styles), but you want to wear and rewear all your favorites—that’s the point of a staple.

The Bondi Dress

This dress features a fresh spring-like shade that’ll feel like a breath of fresh air to everyone you interact with. With its trumpet skirt and ruffled shoulder straps, it bares enough skin for spring but is classy enough to wear to any event. And you know it’s comfortable enough to wear all day and all night.

Dark green is a mesmerizing shade for a dress. You can expect to see it everywhere once more people catch on to its allure, but for now, you can still be the pop of rich green in the room, drawing all the attention to your dress. We won’t blame you if you immediately go buy a dark green dress—we’ll be doing the same.