What is the Express Mail Service (EMS)?

Have you ever ordered something online or through mobile commerce and this acronym “EMS” appeared to you? Do you know what they mean? In this article we explain everything about the Express Mail Service!

What is the Express Mail Service and what does it mean?

Express Mail Service literally translates to “Express Mail Service.” And it is an international service for documents and merchandise that delivers 8 million packages each week and has 177 designated operators.It was created in 1998 and to date it has coverage in more than 190 countries and territories.

Which are your Principal Characteristics?

The Express Mail Service has some important features such as เช็คพัสดุ; be the fastest of the postal services with international coverage. What’s more?

  • The estimated delivery time is 15 days
  • The weight of the package can be up to 30 kg depending on the country of destination.
  • Reception at any post office or at the client’s premises.
  • Priority management from receipt to final delivery.
  • Follow-up from start to finish.
  • Signature on delivery.
  • Delivery at the customer’s address.

Advantages of the Express Mail Service in ecommerce

One of the things people look for the most is accessibility. So, the fact of being able to buy and sell from anywhere has become almost a first-class necessity, especially with the rise of ecommerce.

  • And what has led to this exchange?
  • Exactly, express or urgent deliveries!
  • Express or urgent deliveries allow the customer to get their items or orders as quickly as possible.

That is why we present some of the advantages that express deliveries have provided to ecommerce:

  • Customers receive the goods faster. The most important thing is to receive the products quickly. So this means that as soon as the customer has made the purchase, they can wait hours or even days to receive it.
  • In contrast to traditional deliveries, it is intended that the delivery be made as quickly as possible.
  • Delivery prices are affordable. Customers looking to receive your products with incredible speed are often willing to pay more.
  • However, the accessibility of prices, the speed and the ability to pay for the service are advantages that are clearly sought and what better way to show it by putting the cheapest or discounted deliveries.
  • The customer has a better sense of satisfaction. Today, it is not only necessary to have the best product but also to know and / or improve how it reaches the customer. This is of great importance in customer satisfaction.
  • Especially because by having a better sense of satisfaction, they are more likely to come back to buy other services or products.
  • Packages are guaranteed to arrive safely. By using this type of delivery, they ensure that the package is delivered in a timely manner and thus the customer is more likely to be satisfied with the customer.
  • Stores have fewer inventories in the warehouse. Another advantage that occurs is that stores can get rid of the “inventory”. Thus, the company EMS takes care of the logistics and the store only takes care of its business.
  • It can be done by any store if there is coverage in your country. Best of all, this type of delivery can be made anywhere in the world and by any store, of course, if the service has coverage there.