What Is the Best Tattoo Style for You?

The art of drawing the body dates back millennia. Nowadays, it has taken on the characteristics of a fashion trend. As seen on sites like www.inkedmachine.com, you can do tattoos on most body parts, have a temporary painting, or the one that changes color in the sun.

But, if your thoughts go in the direction of getting a real (permanent) tattoo, that decision has some weight. When choosing a design or symbol, you should not think that there are no useful tips on it. The decision on what painting to put on your body and where is individual; but you might use some general guidelines.

Take Time

If you decide to get a tattoo spontaneously, in a moment of anger, rage, or disappointment, there is a good chance to repent for it soon. You might end up with a symbol you didn’t want, in the wrong color or body part.

So think hard, and try to be completely focused and calm at the moment when you need to decide whether to get this permanent mark and which one. It should be something that you will enjoy having, not something you will regret for the rest of your life.

The more you know about what you want in your tattoo, the better it will be to find the right one. This way, you will have a much better experience and be much happier every time you look at that little artwork on your body.

Find Inspiration

With the help of the Internet, it is possible to explore the works of world-famous masters who have done thousands of tattoos on different parts of the body. You can even look at what body paintings some celebrities have.

Another great tip on choosing a tattoo is to talk to people who already have body artworks you like. You can ask how they got an idea of their tattoos. If it’s not something you want, you can still get some useful tips to develop a different design.

Choose the design you like best and see if you want it to be the same or with some modifications. Make a sketch, which you will then give to the selected tattoo artist for finishing. They can come up with some ideas on how to make your choice unique and improved.

Be Free with Your Choice…

When it comes to getting body artwork, there are no rules and restrictions. Your imagination and desires are the only limits you can meet. All stereotypes and taboos are a thing of the past: only the quality, artistic taste, and style of the tattoo artist matter. Check this page to see how to find the right tattooist.

In this modern age, you can put whatever you want on your skin, as long as it doesn’t offend or belittle anyone. These can be tribals, schemes, random letters and numbers, mini portraits, landscapes, etc. Just keep in mind that it should depict you and your style.

…But Don’t Exaggerate

For example, suppose you are a lady who prefers elegance but still wants to emphasize a mild ‘rebellion.’ In that case, you will certainly not opt ​​for a tribal over the entire upper arm. A small artwork in some hidden spot (under the palm or behind the ear) should be your thing.

A man who deals with serious business should also not exaggerate since it’s not according to the dress code that a tattoo looms through a business suit. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a body artwork, just that you should be quite careful in your choice.

On the other hand, if you belong to unconventional people with a style that deviates from stereotypes, you may have more freedom of choice. Still, your tattoo doesn’t have to be that big or unusual. Decide on something that symbolizes you or something (not someone) that you love.

Bikers can get a body painting specific to their style, such as a favorite bike, the brand name, or the association to which they belong. Animal lovers can opt for something that reminds them of their favorite animal or pet, etc.

Think of Color

When you are choosing a tattoo style, you have to consider the color. You also have to consider the shading aspect and how it will act toward external factors. A lot of people prefer to have dark colors since they tend to have a powerful effect on body artwork. These usually go great with all designs, but you must think of your skin tone as well.

Full-color artworks will fade over time, so you may need to repair or replenish the color. The same goes for black or gray paintings. Light colors are a bit better choice, especially for people with a pale complexion. Check this page to learn how to keep your tattoo good as new.

It’s always good advice to consult a tattoo artist or a parlor to help you. After choosing the tattoo design, tattooists can suggest color schemes to make a perfect design for your body. They can paint it on the computer, so you can have a clue how it might look.

Body Spot

You also need to consider the place on your body where the painting will be since it will have an impact on its design. For example, if you want a big tattoo on your leg or back, you should go for a colored tribal. Individual symbols are a great choice for hidden places, like between breasts, on fingers, in the lower back, or feet. Some common drawings will look great on the upper side of the palms, neck, and forearm.

When you are doing some unique artwork for your eyes (and the eyes of your loved one), think of getting it on hips, tights, or even groins. If you’re planning to get a tattoo for the first time, let it be something simple and undefined. For example, have a star if you’re a dreamer or thunder if you’re impulsive and fierce.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision, as it supposes to be a permanent mark and not just a temporary decoration on your body. Make sure you find a design and style you like now and which you’ll also like later.