What Characteristics Should Your Lawyer Have to Win

We usually contact lawyers to help us with matters that require legal expertise beyond our limited knowledge. As a result, most of our interactions with them can be fraught and stressful, especially if a court is involved. We require their legal representation to protect us and prevent us from losing a court case. So if you happen to be looking for a lawyer, here is a list of some of the winning characteristics they should have.


Becoming a lawyer takes a considerable amount of time, money, dedication, and tenacity to study, pass exams, train, and eventually qualify. Developing perseverance throughout this process is a skill that will remain with your lawyer throughout their career. It will be relied upon during each case, from initial acceptance until its conclusion. This is because each case will require several in-depth processes, including interviewing relevant parties and experts and researching. If a lawyer gave up each time a case became laborious, they would never receive a judgment on behalf of any of their clients!

Effective Communicator

Your lawyer has to liaise with several different parties when working on a case. Therefore, they need to communicate with each other without making their interlocutor apprehensive or unwilling to cooperate, both verbally and in writing. When discussing your case, as mentioned at https://www.joyelawfirm.com/, your lawyer must be empathetic while also providing you with the appropriate legal guidance and support. Empathy is an essential skill because, without it, parties will be unwilling to discuss critical matters, especially if it’s an emotional subject.

Furthermore, a lawyer who is an effective communicator can use their skill to draw out information from someone they are speaking to, knowing when to push further for information or withdraw. They need to be able to read people as much as the situation. When speaking to witnesses in court, this is an important tactic, as is presenting a good, persuasive argument. Public speaking is thus an essential weapon in a lawyer’s arsenal.

Excellent Researcher

Your lawyer needs to be able to complete research into relevant sources. Researching can be time-consuming, which is why your lawyer may have colleagues to help them. It can involve delving into relevant areas concerning your case and previous case law that could affect its outcome. This is because any research found could be used to support the arguments put forward in your defense. Any research undertaken by your lawyer could be used to help frame their legal strategy when defending you in court. 

Good Analyser 

Law is a vacuous subject that not only requires lawyers to find large amounts of information but requires them to be able to absorb it and then explain it in a logical and coherent manner to all concerned. There may be an occasion at which point more than one resolution or precedent puts itself forward. When this occurs, it is for your lawyer to analyze whether they can be used or which is the most appropriate for your case. Your case will then be constructed around this as a means of forming your defense. 

Fair Judgement

It’s not only the judge that has judgment calls to make, and your lawyer does too. In fact, throughout building your case, they will be making various judgments, for instance, regarding the credibility of witnesses and possibly the strength of any evidence. This is because your lawyer will want to prepare for every eventuality perhaps occurring, especially any weak areas in your case, whether that be your defense or, indeed, reliability of any witnesses. However, they will also be judging the same aspects about the opposition to better prepare a defense, or offense, for you.

Fair Judgement

Ability to Think Outside the Box

Life is full of surprises, and it is no different from the law. Sometimes it is not the most obvious solution to winning a case, but the most unexpected. Therefore, your lawyer should be anticipating the strategy of your opposition and how they will block any attempts by them to weaken the argument put forward by your legal team. Furthermore, your lawyer should be assuming the opponent is doing a similar thing and planning how to defend you in a way beyond approach. By doing so, any arguments put forward in your defense will not be adequately challenged.  

From the moment you are initially interviewed by a lawyer, you will know if they are the right one to represent you. Be sure you are happy with how they are conducting your case and not be afraid to ask them questions. A good lawyer will be glad to answer your queries and put you at ease. You both want the same outcome; to win, it makes sense to know what is occurring.