Ways You Can Be Stylish with Only a T-Shirt

Fashion trends come and go. It is why some people stop caring about trendy clothes. But being fashionable isn’t always about wearing the latest styles. The key is to express yourself and combine pieces that will look perfect on you. It can be as simple as tucking in your shirt or adding accents to your outfit.

T-shirts are comfortable and straightforward clothing pieces. But they can also be fashion staples that never go out of style. Although you can wear them with anything, they may need some embellishments to look refreshing.

Below are some ways you can be stylish with only a T-shirt.

Personalize Your Shirt

You don’t have to know or follow the latest fashion trends to be stylish. All you need is to stay true to your own aesthetic and find the right fashion inspiration. It’s all about expressing yourself by putting a great outfit together.

One way to do that is to design and personalize your t-shirts. You can have limitless fashion styles with creativity and authenticity.

The good news is, there are ample options for custom t-shirts in Canada thanks to custom screen-printing companies like Prints Canada that make the design and ordering process easy. A custom t-shirt could be what you are looking for to breathe fresh air into your T-shirt staples.

Pair With Jeans or Skirt

You can make different outfit combinations with jeans and a t-shirt. It’s no wonder they are the ultimate clothing essentials. But putting together a stylish jeans-and-tee outfit isn’t always easy. You can never go wrong with a white t-shirt and dark or blue wash jeans. Adding a pair of statement flats will give it an instant boost. But for a more put-together look, throw on a black leather jacket.

Pairing a t-shirt and skirt is another fashionable formula that will work even on your lazy days. You can achieve a school chick look with oversized t-shirts and a button-front skirt or plaid mini skirt. Tucking a shirt into a tailored pencil skirt is also a good choice. It will make you taller without having to show off skin.

Accessorize with Pops of Colours

Colour is the easiest way to breathe life into your favourite t-shirt. But when accessorizing with pops of colours, make sure to look for something attention-grabbing. It’s time to take a break from regular shades and bring some refreshing tones to your fashion.

You can bring vitality to a simple white shirt and skinny jeans with flaming red and orange accessories. It can be shoes, bags, hats and scarves in solids or prints. If you want something cooler, you can choose something in bold blue and green. The point of these pops of colours is to turn your plain tee outfits extraordinary. So, feel free to explore different shades and make your own signature style.

Put on a Blazer

Layering is essential to feel extra warm during the fall and winter seasons. For instance, Canada has warm temperatures and little rain between September and early October. So, a bright-coloured blazer will be a perfect garment to layer your shirt. It’s an effortless style no matter where you’re heading. But you have to wear the right kind of t-shirt and blazer to rock this simple fashion combo.

Skin-tight ripped jeans and a crew neck white t-shirt will look great with a classic black blazer for dressing up. You can also step it up with stilettos to add more emphasis to your legs. But if you want a more laid-back outfit, you can dress down with shorts and low-top sneakers.