Unusual Ways to Use Tapestries in the Home

The human race has used tapestries for many centuries. Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago used tapestries to wrap the bodies of the dead when burying them. The Greeks had buildings with walls covered in tapestries. The Christian monasteries and convents during the Middle ages use tapestries to depict stories that will stir the interest of the common folk.

In our modern world, people use tapestries to hang on the walls. They are lightweight and easy decoration to use, and they don’t need expensive or complicated carpentry work to hang. It elegantly decorates the walls, but it can also serve a lot of purposes in your living ways, such as:

A wallpaper

Want to spruce up an area in your home but don’t want to take some effort to paint it? With a large tapestry, you can cover up an entire wall, which means it will almost look as if it’s covered in wallpaper. Tapestry fabric is a great substitute for wallpaper, as the different patterns and prints can transform your walls. Plus, they are easier to change, so you can easily have different designs throughout the year. When using a tapestry to cover an entire wall, you will need to measure it so you can look for a piece in the right size. If you want to learn how to hang a tapestry with a dowel, check this out.

A ceiling tapestry

Hanging a tapestry from the ceiling is a great way to create a three-dimensional space throughout your room. Often, the ceiling is forgotten as a decorative space, but actually, it can provide coverage to the room while also featuring an excellent decoration like a wall tapestry. Hang a tapestry with a design and color that suits your personality. If you use a light-colored one for your ceiling, it will create an illusion of extra vertical space in your room.


Do you want a headboard but don’t have one that connects to your bed frame? Or maybe you sleep in a mattress that sits on the floor, so you don’t have something to attach a headboard to. With a wall tapestry, you can hang it directly over your bed where a headboard must go. It brings a unique personality to your room, and it covers the dull wall on the back of your bed.


When it’s warm outside, and you feel hot in your comforter, you can use a large enough tapestry to cover your bed. Tapestries are usually light, so it will be super soft against your skin. It adds a unique touch to your bedroom, plus it’s very easy to put on.


Tapestries can work as a curtain to create a relaxed feel with some kind of privacy to your room or home area. It offers a stylish way to add color to your room, especially if you’re not a fan of plastic window blinds that are all plain and generic. Depending on the print and fabric, a tapestry can make natural light dance, creating unique patterns and shadows in your room.

Furniture cover

Your old furniture may look unsightly, but you can cover it with a tapestry to give it a second chance. It can change the look of your drawers, sofa, tables, or chairs. When your furniture is already full of scratches, this artistic fabric can add a gorgeous look.

Sofa cover

Give a second, vibrant life to your old-fashioned couch by covering it with an elegant tapestry. Since a sofa is an expensive item that can’t be replaced soon, you can always cover it with a sheet to give it a new look. If your sofa is placed somewhere in the middle of an open floor plan as a divider, tapestries can also work well when hung over the back of a couch. Plus, if your couch is stained, a tapestry covers the mess up while adding flair.


Tapestries don’t work just for the bedroom or living room – it also makes fantastic tablecloths for your dining area. Since they are machine washable, they are easy to use and replace. Giving your table a unique style can create an exciting atmosphere in the place where you take your morning coffee and dinner with family. If you want to add vibrancy, choose a tapestry with bright colors, but if you want to create a calming effect, use one that features light or pastel colors. Also, don’t place a tapestry with a heavy amount of designs so it can be soothing to look at.

Throw blanket

A tapestry can also work as a throw blanket for your couch, making you cozy and comfy while resting or watching a movie on your couch. Plus, it adds visual interest to your living area, converting a typical space into a piece of art.

Picnic blanket

During the summer or spring season, when it’s fun to take a picnic with your loved ones outside, try packing a tapestry. No one would want to sit on damp grass, and your usual picnic blanket might be overused. A bold, graphic tapestry adds excitement to your picnic spread. Plus, its light weight makes it easy to carry and fold, and it won’t take up much space in your car or bag.

Beach blanket

Since tapestries are light and easy to carry, it can be a convenient peach blanket. Who doesn’t like beach photography? Tapestries with pretty designs can serve as beautiful photo props for the beach. Don’t forget to pack extra to drape around your body for sun protection or for resting at the beach.

Gift wrapper

Have you ever received a gift that came wrapped in a beautiful material that you can also use? Packing gifts in a usable item like a tapestry will surely delight your recipient. It also adds a personal touch, plus you’re saving the environment by lessening the waste brought on by gift wrappers. Also, if you have any wall tapestries you no longer want, they can work as a gift wrap so you can repurpose it instead of throwing it out.