Understanding Different Weed Measurements for Buying the Right One

Buying weed can be an arduous process, whether you’re a newbie or an expert. The varying information available online combined with different weight measurements is certainly enough to make anyone’s head spin. 

When you need to know the difference between a dub of weed and nickel of weed, you require these terms to be translated in grams and ounces. It will help you understand how much you’re looking for and what you should ask your weed supplier beforehand. 

Different Weed Measurements

Marijuana is commonly sold in ounces or grams in states where it is legal and illegal. An ounce has 28.395 grams. Many people still use old terminology when talking about weed measurements.

The most common terms used in this context are:

  • Nickel (Nick): It refers to half of a dime or $5 worth of weed. Five dollars can get you a different amount of weed depending on the state but mostly will procure one-fourth of a gram of weed. It is the smallest amount a dealer can sell. 
  • Dime: It refers to $10 worth of weed. The amount can vary depending on your state and what type of dealer you’re buying it from. If you have a good relationship with your dealer, you can get up to a gram of marijuana. It can get you a minimum of half a gram.
  • Dub: A dub of weed will generally be $20 weed, but you can also get it for $15, depending on your relationship with the dealer. You can get up to a gram or higher. A typical dub can be anywhere between 1.1 g and 1.5 g of marijuana.
  • Key: This usually refers to a large quantity of marijuana. Key is the short form of a kilo or a thousand grams of weed. The price can vary as it is a very large quantity and is usually used when buying large amounts for supplying. 

How Can You Buy the Right One?

The terms relevant for you when buying weed for personal use are nickel, dime, and dub. While many legal states now have discontinued the use of slang language for using or purchasing marijuana, you can still find dealers who transact using this language.

Most dispensaries only sell a gram and above for weed, in which case these slang words are not useful. Knowing the exact measurement in terms of ounces and grams can help you when you’re dealing with a dealer who uses slang terminology to sell weed. 

Be Aware of Different Measurements When Buying Weed

When you’re planning to buy weed from a local dealer or supplier, it’s ideal to be prepared for any question or language they’re using to talk about the products. Whether it’s the weight or the strain of weed, you don’t want to be caught unaware. 

Being misinformed can lead you to buy the wrong type of quantity of weed, which can deter you from buying it ever again. If you feel conscious about purchasing weed from a physical store, you can always buy it through an online shop in a legal state. Consider checking your state’s regulations about marijuana for medical use.  Now, a lot of states such as West Virginia have already decriminalized medical marijuana usage. You must just obtain a WV marijuana card to obtain it legally.