Types of People While Packing Stuff!

Planning a trip and executing it is different, last moment changes can affect your plans a great deal. Especially we will talk about the last-minute changes in your packing stuff and how people overload their luggage or miss some important stuff back at home. So we will today discuss the types of people and their packing styles and their effects on their trips. If you are a businessman who is going to a formal business meeting, then don’t forget your tie back home.

The Idealist!

The first one in our list is the ideal one, and the ideal case of packing and so is called the idealist packer. The idealist will make a complete list of what stuff he needs during the trip, and he will study the weather reports and predictions, the climate changes and the type of culture he will experience during his trip. This helps him make a complete and detailed list of what stuff he would need in case of an emergency and in case of an unlikely event. Not only does he make a list and arranges his stuff accordingly but also packs it with the help of check-list before his departure and will always double-check the stuff before leaving. This is the type of packer that is always having a good trip and a calm one indeed.

The Minimalist!

The second type is the minimalist; this type of packer doesn’t like to carry excessive luggage and will always pack very low. This can be because of two reasons, and the first one is that he plans to buy a lot of stuff from the place he’s visiting or the second one that he isn’t planning a long trip and is not at all a traveler. Mostly the first reason is the most common one to pack little stuff. It is obvious that if you pack excessively you won’t be able to get back the stuff you’ll buy from there due to many reasons including custom weight rules and baggage restrictions. So pack low if you want to shop just like the minimalist does.

The Careless!

The third one on our list today is the careless packer. Yes, the name tells it all. This type of packer is least interested in what to pack and what to not. These types of packers are usually the young generation and teenagers that have a bad reputation of being dependent on their elders. A careless packer doesn’t even care for whether to keep his passport or not and will surely forget it at the last moment, and we have seen many cases where the family got to know at the airport that he forgot his passport. Sound like the Home alone franchise! But yes you must not be like this type of packer if you are traveling independently and there is no one to care for your luggage and pack it for you.

Of all the three packers, you must try to be the ideal one at least when it comes to important docs.