Twelve Reasons You Should Have Your Wedding In Bali

According to a publication by Insider, six million international tourists visited Bali in 2019 before the world’s pandemic hit. However, in 2020, when COVID-19 increasingly dominated the world, one million people still visited the island paradise. Why? That’s because Bali has established a reputation as the ideal tourist destination. This status results from the island paradise’s fulfilling nature, culture, attractions, and activities.

As Bali’s tourism appeal grew, so did the reasons that made this Indonesian province an ideal tourist spot. Bali also is the most picturesque, vibrant, exotic, dreamy, and magical destination wedding location. If you’re planning a destination wedding and are confused about what location to choose, understand why Bali can deliver the most promising celebration of love. Here are twelve great reasons why you must choose Bali to say “I do”:

1. Bali houses incredible resources for wedding planning

Planning your perfect wedding day is not easy, but the process can be made simple by choosing the right people for the job. Bali has a variety of sources, vendors, and businesses that can help you plan and execute the perfect wedding. You can find ideal catering businesses, flower vendors, event planning companies, and bridal salons in Bali to make your dream wedding possible.

2. Bali fits all types of audience

From sandy beaches to remote islands to lush jungles – Bali houses a scenic atmosphere to satisfy almost everyone. It doesn’t matter what setting you want to say “I do” in; Bali’s insanely beautiful wedding sites can make anything happen for you. Explore the Indonesian province’s various romantic, chic, and modern venues to find a location that appeals to your sense of style. Choose a beach, a chapel, or a chapel on the beach – Bali’s venue variety won’t fail to amaze you with its diverse options.

3. Bali offers endless deals and discounts

Bali’s natural beauty and vibrant culture have made it a popular tourist and wedding destination. Tourism businesses in Bali offer various discounts and deals to people to maintain their tourist reputation and attract more people to the region. Therefore, choosing Bali for your destination wedding can help you save on wedding expenses with affordable accommodations, inexpensive transportation, and economical dining options. You can put the money you save toward your honeymoon and married life to enjoy a blessed future.

4. Bali brings you the best sunset experience

To bless your wedding with something truly magical, you must add Bali’s sunset experience. Imagine standing on a sloping cliff to exchange vows and rings, surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of the setting sun. If the cliff doesn’t excite you too much, don’t worry, Bali features fourteen different sunset spots to make saying “I do” to your partner worth every millisecond.

5. Bali lets you have the time of your life

The fun in Bali doesn’t end with weddings – it only begins. The island paradise is a popular tourist destination, meaning you and your guests can go on a vacation while enjoying your beautiful wedding. Activities like river rafting, volcano hiking, waterfall trekking, kayaking, and more can keep people entertained. People who aren’t interested in sports can explore the gorgeous province’s attractive tourist destinations, food, and culture for entertainment.

6. Bali proposes an ideal honeymoon destination

Why struggle with more travel when you can start your honeymoon right where you got married? Bali’s exquisite scenery, luxury hotels, numerous attractions, and tropical weather make it perfect for couples’ honeymoons. Start your married life in this tropical paradise to make this new beginning the most beautiful time of your life.

7. Bali flaunts a unique culture and vibe

If individuality and originality are what you’re looking for in your wedding, you should not think twice before choosing Bali. It may seem like a wedding destination the masses choose, but there’s a reason behind it. Bali’s exotic culture and vibe adapt to every individual’s creativity, offering you ample customization options to plan and execute a wedding that resonates with you.

8. Bali blesses your special moments with romance

Bali is an extremely romantic wedding destination, from luxurious honeymoon villas to breathtaking sights and scenes. You can bring all your hopeless romantic fantasies to life by choosing Bali for your nuptial celebrations. Express your love to your soul mate by booking an intimate lovers’ spa day, picturesque dining, cultural tours, and more to celebrate affection and passion in the best manner.

9. Bali upholds the marital paperwork

Finding a wedding destination that provides legal paperwork and processes that stay binding in other parts of the world can be hard. However, Bali’s wedding certificate formulated under Indonesian Law is recognized in most other countries. Therefore, after enjoying your marriage in Bali, you can come back home comfortably without worrying about getting involved in legal processes and proceedings.

10. Bali exhibits the ideal wedding weather

The Indonesian province enjoys a tropical climate, which means the season is warm all year round. While the best months to visit Bali (according to popular opinion) are May, June, August, and September, you can choose to visit the region any time of the year. It means you don’t have to put your wedding plans on hold for the beautiful warm and sunny season to appear.

11. Bali provides incredible bachelor party spots

Initiating your married life in Bali means you can properly bid farewell to your single life with fun activities. Indulge in your precious bachelor party traditions and celebrate your last days of singlehood with friends and family doing what delights you. From throwing grand, elegant parties to chilling with extreme outdoorsy action, you can find everything in this tropical paradise to plan your one and only bachelorette.

12. Bali boasts incredibly breathtaking views

Mountains, beaches, forests, temples, resorts, historical settings, and more – if a stunning view is at the top of your wedding list, you’d be delighted with Bali. Treat your eyes to gorgeous viewpoints by selecting a venue with endless photo opportunities and beauty excitement. Your friends and family won’t be able to get over your wedding celebrations for years to come.


There is no arguing because Bali is regarded as the trendiest spot for destination weddings. The tropical paradise deserves the hype surrounding its beautiful beaches, rich culture, breathtaking views, ideal tourist spots, pleasant climate, and more. When hosting a wedding in Bali, you will delight your guests by ticking one must-have experience off their bucket list. The twelve reasons mentioned above further explain why you should choose to celebrate your love in this magical heaven. The resources and attractions existing on this tropical island guarantee you the most amazing celebration of your true love union.

Can you imagine something better?

If not, start planning your big day in Bali to make your wedding memories count. Happy union!