Top Ways You Can Try to Diversify Your Clothes

Fashion is fluid. Yet, the world loves to act as if different fashion styles are these untouchable categories that you either subject to or don’t. Once you realize that your style is what you want it to be, you’ll find that clothes can be extremely fun. 

Diversifying your clothing is a great way of keeping your wardrobe fresh and ready for the next season. If you’re not sure how to get this done, you’re in the right place. Here are several ways you can diversify your wardrobe! 

Accessories, Accessories! 

If you haven’t noticed by now, accessories are the go-to method of keeping a wardrobe fresh and engaging. The cool thing about accessories is the fact that different things go in and out of style, yet none of that means you need to buy new clothes. Finding the right bag or the right scarf will give your outfits a fresh vibe. Guess what, you can always find new scarfs that are so available in stores.

The same goes for jewelry. All you need to do is add some creativity to the way you mix and match your accessories, and you’ll always be ahead of the curve! 

Go Retro 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that the ‘80s are coming back! Mom jeans, blazers, and strong colors are back on the menu. Fashion stylists from Thread Curve note that playing with retro clothing is a great way of giving your wardrobe a new lease on life. 

Your options are endless. You can snatch something from the new, fresh collections, or you can go full OG and find a few pieces that have been through the glam days. 

Make Use of Different Textures 

Textures are everything! Pairing suede with leather or ribbed knit with silk can do wonders for your style. Again, going retro definitely helps in this regard as clothing from back in the day was truly all about playing with different textures. 

Take a Ride Through the Palette 

Flashy colors are en vogue this year, and you should definitely play with them. Does that mean you should create all kinds of crazy combos? Maybe, if that’s your style. Whatever you do, don’t hide from colors. Don’t run to the safety of beige and dull tones. You can totally pull off a monochrome outfit without it coming across as forced. Depending on the color you choose, it can be more or less flashy. 

On the other hand, mixing and matching different colors is still one of the best ways of diversifying your wardrobe. Creating a foundation that is rooted in a color that matches your energy allows you to find your fashionable self. 

Get Yourself a Blazer 

Get Yourself a Blazer

If there’s a single thing you can do, a single piece of clothing you can get that will diversify your entire wardrobe, it’s a blazer. That’s right, blazers are also back on the menu. You can run it in combination with a complete matching outfit for that high fashion look, or you can wear it over a t-shirt. 

Blazers are incredibly versatile and offer so much range once you accept them for what they are. It’s a piece of clothing that knows no seasons, can be worn for any occasion and offers a layer of style to any outfit you choose to wear that day. 

Have a Leather Jacket 

Just like a blazer is a must these days, so is a fitting leather jacket. Leather jackets have always been a tell-tale sign of one’s style. A fitted biker jacket usually meant that you’re a free spirit, a rebellious individual who can’t be easily tamed. Similarly, a racer jacket gave off a more mysterious vibe. 

Those who wear racer jackets appreciate minimalism for what it is, have a somewhat utilitarian outlook on life and are usually certified badasses. Whatever the case may be for you, finding a good leather jacket will give you another universal modifier that you can wear all year round. 

How to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh at All Times? 

Keeping a wardrobe fresh often leads people to think that more is better. Buying something only so you would wear it once is definitely not the way to go. Besides, it’s wasteful. If there’s a single trend that is here to stay, it’s being frugal with your clothes. 

Build your wardrobe with purpose and make sure that the piece you buy is both quality and versatile. Running such a wardrobe means that any piece of clothing you purchase in the future will be a good investment.