Top 9 Amazing Coffee Gadgets for a Traveler

Traveling and coffee are synonymous with each other. For a person, who is constantly traveling for work or pleasure, coffee is a short fix that fills them with adrenalin, energy and makes them ready for long travels or uncomfortable seats.

However, finding a coffee that suits our taste or brewing method is never that easy when traveling. Also, when on the road, finding a decent cup of coffee is quite challenging. Specifically, because a coffee lover is spoilt. We never are satisfied with the coffee unless it is according to our preference.

So, for those coffee aficionados, here are a few coffee gadgets that they should invest in to make their traveling fun.

1. Coffee cup holder

Holding our coffee cup with our luggage is quite challenging. Juggling both is a challenge, but not anymore with this freehand luggage coffee cup holder. You can place it on your rolling luggage, and the rubber straps that come with it are for wrapping around the handle for holding it in place.

The best thing about this coffee cup holder, it is leak-proof and can hold up to 24oz of coffee.

2. Compostable coffee pods

Compostable coffee pods are something you should take with you on travels, especially if you love pods coffee. These Nespresso compatible pods are hard to find in some countries, and you may not like their brew.

The great thing about this is that you can make pods coffee without the machine as well. You only need to remove the covering, place the coffee in a mug and pour hot water in it and let it brew.

And if you can, try to fit a compact Nespresso single-serve machine into your bag. That would make the brewing process easy.

3. Manual coffee grinder

A manual coffee grinder is something that you should carry in your coffee traveling kit. If you happen across a coffee plantation, like when exploring brazil. You can buy organic and fresh beans and grind them yourself and enjoy a fresh roast.

The JavaPress manual coffee grinder works for AeroPress, French Press, espresso, Volcanica coffee and more. It is also adjustable and has innovative technology that gives you the chance to brew a delicious cup.

4. Reusable straws and cup

When traveling, it is smart to carry your personal straws with you. You do not want to use the paper or plastic straws that are available in every café. They are not great for the environment. Instead, carry reusable straws like bamboo ones that are safe for you as well. Also, you can use them again and again.

On the same note, carrying a reusable cup is also an option. If you are on a road trip, and are stopping for coffee, get it in your own cup. Both of these items are available on Amazon. Just ensure that you read the description, and buy quality products.

5. Insulated travel mug

Aren’t you excited to drink hot coffee while traveling to relax and feel energetic? The disappointment you feel when the coffee is cold and flavorless is unmatchable. To fix this, carry an insulated travel mug with you. They will keep the coffee hot, and you can enjoy it when you are free to do so.

There are tons of options when it comes to insulated mugs in the market. Some are chargeable, others wireless; take your pick as per your need.

6. Portable cold brew maker

Cold brew is a smooth coffee full of flavor. It is also quite trending and is perfect for summers. It is also less acidic in nature, so perfect for people who get acidity while traveling.

If you love drinking cold brew, here are few cold brew makers that are portable.

7. Stainless steel travel mug or thermos

Stainless steel travel thermos is perfect for carrying a good quantity of coffee while traveling. It will keep your hot coffee hot and cold one cold. It is also easy to carry and keep the coffee in its prime form for at least 24 hours.

8. Frother

If you especially love frothy coffee, you must carry a frother with you. A frother is quite affordable, and with little hot milk, the foam you get with this is amazing.

If you are vacationing at a place with a kitchen, the frother can help you make a latte or cappuccino exactly like a barista.

9. A travel French Press

Who doesn’t love a French Press? It is a quick brewing method, and you can also make espresso in it. However, taking a French Press, while traveling can be challenging as it is not that compact.

Not anymore though! The portable French Press from Bodum not only helps you with drinking your favorite French Press while traveling. But you also look cool and chic while drinking from it. It is leak-proof as well.

These cool gadgets will make your travel stress-free as you can drink coffee anywhere anytime without much fuss.